The strongest abandons less

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At the beginning, it was still very slow, but later, after absorbing the aura of the Gathering Spirit Array, the disk rotated quickly.

At the beginning, it was still very slow, but later, after absorbing the aura of the Gathering Spirit Array, the disk rotated quickly. In the end, faster and faster, after a moment, with a faint light of the shadow has been wrapped up, from the outside can no longer see the figure. After a wick of incense, the disk suddenly burst into a sound of breaking the air, wrapped in a dark shadow with a light invisible to the naked eye, disappeared without a trace. But the original place disappeared after the sound of breaking the air, only the broken Longmen plate on the sand showed that someone had left here. The moment he was brought up by the light of breaking the sky, he knew that the'Yuyue Longmen 'breaking the sky array had worked. At the same time, he also knew that even if he did not use the best spirit stone to arrange the gathering spirit array, this broken array plate would be just as useful. But these have no care,Flush Retrofit Kit, he is concerned about whether he can grasp a trace of mystery in this broken space, more understanding of the broken space. But he knew that he overestimated himself, that is, he was so powerful that he gradually became dizzy and could not use his divine consciousness to see the situation around him, if he was an ordinary person. It is estimated that he has already completely fainted. With a bang, he was completely awakened by the shock. He opened his eyes and found himself on a rocky island. Wuxinhai? He looked around doubtfully and was immediately surprised. He knew that this was indeed the unintentional sea. He's really back. The broken array did not spread him to any continent, but still fell into the unintentional sea. It can be seen that there should be some minor problems in this'Yuyue Longmen 'broken array,Flushometer valve, otherwise, it should be impossible to fall into the unintentional sea. After all, not everyone can leave safely from the unintentional sea, but he will not care, he will not be afraid. He also had a spaceship magic weapon snatched from Yin Xu, and the speed of that spaceship was only slightly inferior to that of Qingyue. With his present cultivation. It is absolutely possible to return to the Moyue City of Nan'anzhou with this spaceship magic weapon. He stood on the reef island and breathed a sigh of relief. Now he just had to confirm how far he was from Nan'anzhou. No matter where he is in Wuxin Sea, as long as he is in Luoyue Mainland. It's not a problem to go back to the city of Moyue. He took out the compass and wanted to see carefully where he was in the unintentional sea, but thousands of miles ahead of him, a strong wave of true yuan broke out. Is there a fight? Kui's divinity immediately swept past, and soon he found that the fight was between three people. What made him speechless was that he knew all three of them. In fact, it's not as good as a monk on the sixth floor and a monk on the ninth floor trying to stop a nun on the fourth floor. But that nun is very low in cultivation. But extremely intrepid, Urinal Manual Flush Valve ,Concealed Flush Valve, several times rushed out of the encirclement of two people, and a lot of means. The friar on the ninth floor of Huazhen and the friar on the sixth floor of Huazhen were met at the Jiaoteng Palace when they were guests of Teng Yi's father. And the nun named Huazhen on the fourth floor is even more familiar, that is, the nun Miao Huizhen in Luohun Ruins. After she had traded with her, she also said that as long as she saved her, she would regard herself as a benefactor for a lifetime. At that time, she didn't care. She saved Miao Huizhen for herself. The situation was that if she didn't save her, the woman wouldn't let him go. In desperation, he had to reach an agreement with Miao Huizhen. Fortunately, this woman is still keeping her promise, after he saved her, but also did not attack himself to rob the medicine garden, and even this woman also reminded him. But at this time, even if Miaohuizhen has the ability to reach the sky, there are only four layers of Huazhen. Under the siege of two monks on the sixth and ninth layers of Huazhen, they are already scarred. Kui did not intend to Wade into this muddy water, he was just ready to leave here, change a place to check the compass mark, but found that Miao Huizhen actually flew to his side. He immediately knew that Miao Huizhen's divinity had swept him and wanted to use him. Understand this Kui heart cursed, this woman swears may be as easy as she took off her clothes, simply forgot to take himself as a benefactor. He hid his cultivation again. He was just afraid of trouble. Now he was not afraid of these true monks in front of him. In the blink of an eye, Miao Huizhen and two other Huazhen monks had already arrived at the reef island where they were. Is that you? To the surprise of several people, the three true monks came to the reef island and called out the same two words. When Miao Huizhen called out these two words, she immediately frowned. After the other two people called out these two words, they showed a very surprised expression. I have been looking for you for a long time, and I finally met you again today. Great, great. My name is Lanqi, the owner of Yutian Island. When the friar on the ninth floor of Huazhen saw it, he had long forgotten that Miaohuizhen had gone to Java. In his eyes, he is the real priceless treasure. Heaven level seven grade Dan king, even immediately is the existence of heaven level eight grade Dan king, what is more tempting than this in the unintentional sea? As long as there is a Dan King in front of him, he will be invincible. I am Huang Qi from Yilin Island. In addition, the monk on the sixth floor of Huazhen was also pleasantly surprised to introduce himself. If he were an ordinary junior monk, Huang Qi would have kicked him out a long time ago. But he is not an ordinary monk. He is the king of Dan, the senior king of Dan. It turned out to be the owner of the island and the owner of the yellow island. I didn't expect to meet again so soon. His tone was somewhat flat, and what he longed for most at this time was to return to Nan'anzhou as soon as possible. But it's good to see these two people. Just ask them later. Miao Huizhen was surprised to find that she had become a minor character. She also knew him, but she did not continue to escape. But he said to Miao Huizhen again,stainless steel squatting pan, "Sister Miao, it's not long before we meet. It's really predestined." Miao Huizhen hasn't had time to speak yet. She laughed and said, "It turns out that Sister Miao is a friend of King Ye Modan. That's our friend. I've offended many people before." 。