Xiao Ran Meng Volume 1

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I touched my face resentfully. There was a scar five or six centimeters long on my left and right cheeks, and a long scratch on my chin.

I touched my face resentfully. There was a scar five or six centimeters long on my left and right cheeks, and a long scratch on my chin. I'm afraid I can't count the other small wounds. But it seems to have applied some ointment, although the burning pain, sometimes there will still be a cool and comfortable feeling. No wonder my face hurt as soon as I touched it. I remembered the time when I fell off the cliff. Because of the scuffle with my kidnapper, the car fell off the cliff. I was thrown out of the window of the car by the inertia of the impact. At that time, I felt a burning pain all over my body, and then I lost consciousness. I must have been cut by the broken glass. So many wounds, even in modern times, must be completely cured with the help of cosmetic technology, I am afraid it is almost impossible here. But speaking of it, I used to have injuries all over my body, and I didn't take care of them carefully, but I didn't have any scars on my body. Alas, but after all, that is a matter of childhood, now the skin will not have such a strong self-healing force. No wonder he looked at me so worriedly. The most important thing for a woman, especially an ancient woman, is her reputation and appearance. I smiled coldly unconsciously. Is it fame and appearance? The naked corpse suddenly appeared in my mind, even though it was covered with scars, it was still as beautiful and holy as a white lotus. But she will never wake up and smile at me. My heart twitched violently, and I immediately forced myself to expel the image from my mind. As early as seven years ago,stainless steel shower tray, when my father pulled my brother and me out of the darkness with his warm hands, didn't we swear? Forget all that and start a new life, a happy life. And I've been doing a good job. At least, better than my brother. I restrained all emotions and turned to face him with a bitter melon face with a smile. "It's over," I whined. "It's disfigured." Hearing my completely joking tone, he was stunned for three seconds before he said, "Don't you care at all?" "How is that possible?" I shook my hand. "Who wants to be ugly?"? But it's no use caring,Stainless Steel Toilet China, after all, it's already happened. So I had to think that it was just a body, anyway, it would have to be changed in the next life. It was as if he had suddenly touched something, and when he heard it, he was a little absent-minded. I saw the silver-gray mask shining on his face, and I knew it in my heart. The same is the end of the world! What's your name? I asked. Judging from his appearance, he should be about the same age as me. At most, he is only one or two years older than me. In ancient times, I had no relatives. It was a good choice to follow him and be taken care of by him like a brother. Xiao Qiran. I nodded and asked, "May I ask you to pray?" "Of course." He showed a harmonious smile like a spring breeze. Staring at the mask on his face, I lost my mind for a long time. I knew I shouldn't ask, but I blurted out, "Why are you wearing a mask?"? Can't I see your true face? He was stunned for a long time, probably because he didn't expect me to make this request. But then as if to figure out what, stainless steel toilet ,Service Sink Faucets, do not care to laugh: "Yes ah!"! As the girl said, it's just a body. With that, he took off the mask on his face with his backhand. Chapter 2 Companion With that, he took the mask off his face with his backhand. Ah- "I opened my mouth wide and could not help exhaling, and my body, which had been lying on the stone bed, was propped up.". I swear, I didn't want to be so childish and humiliating in front of him. It was the face that shocked me so much. In modern times, Dad can almost be called an all-powerful celebrity in the business world. Although, for some special reasons, and in order not to attract attention, my brother and I have always deliberately lived an ordinary life in a low-key way and went to an ordinary high school, we still have to occasionally come into contact with those elegant young men and stars in the upper class. Even the elder brother himself, is also a rare handsome man, is a little indifferent to others, do not like to laugh, but more cool. However, I have seen so many handsome men, but I am still shocked by the face in front of me for a long time. This man's appearance can't be described as handsome at all. What is a peerless face? I didn't really see it until today. The black strands of hair were flying under the gentle breeze outside the temple, sometimes touching his white and glittering skin, and sometimes holding his thin and slightly raised lips. The narrow bridge of the nose, like the snow on the mountain, stands erect against the faint light. And the eyes under the slender eyebrows of the sword, I seem to have seen their full picture for the first time. Long eyelashes trembled slightly, bringing out the warm smile in the ice-blue eyes, flickering with bright light. The next moment, I was completely shocked! Not for the peerless face under the mask, not for him to dispel my restless warm smile. But only for those eyes that look at you like stars, hiding the number of unknown pain and vicissitudes of life, but still clear as a pool of autumn water. He smiled bitterly at my reaction and said, "Now, do you know why I wear a mask?" I Leng Leng nodded, then woke up, and immediately eagerly shook his head: "I do not mean to covet your beauty, your appearance is that people will see no resistance." Amused by my words, he looked at me with a gentle smile and said, "Have a good rest." I was still intoxicated with the perfect smile that had just turned all living beings upside down, and I didn't think about it until he was almost out of the door. His back is tall and straight and handsome, but it looks quite thin in the wind, and there is an infinite childish loneliness and desolation in the magnificence of the son of God. The mask was still held in his right hand, pinched tightly, as if to break it. I did not know what he had experienced, but at that moment there was a kind of resonance of sadness, which made my heart beat hard. I suppressed all the emotions in my heart and spoke in a calm and gentle tone: Life, in fact, is one dream after another. The joys and sorrows of the past,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, thought thoroughly, are just another dream that has already ended. Since it is a dream, why worry about it? Because we will wake up one day and continue.. A new dream. 。 cnkexin.com