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But after all, she has nearly 95% of the understanding and talent of Ji Cangqiong, naturally it is impossible to fail like this.

But after all, she has nearly 95% of the understanding and talent of Ji Cangqiong, naturally it is impossible to fail like this. In the midst of her resistance, she blocked the killing blow with nine swords in one. But this is still the beginning! Li Xiao has no worries. He can use a lot of means without fear. Flowers in the mirror, the moon swallows the sky! Flowers in the Mirror, Water and Moon Divine Skill, originated from Jiang Hongyi's Divine Skill, was derived from Li Xiao at this time, with both spirit and form. Has a unique attack profound meaning, all of a sudden derived from the meaning of the way, so that Xie Yunyan almost in an instant old 30 years old! A young enchanting woman, suddenly became a charming but wrinkled woman, which let Xie Yunyan feel after, issued a shrill scream! This is a one-sided battle, there is no suspense! "Devour of Light and Darkness!" Li Xiao once again used the means of one side, it is from the means of Zhao Xiao. Such means. Fusion certainly makes other skills more powerful, but when used alone, in a specific aspect, the effect is naturally better! As soon as this method came out, Xie Yunyan's whole body seemed to have been taken away all the colored things, so she almost felt her body drying up and collapsing! This is a very uncomfortable and terrible feeling. Suddenly, Li Xiao with a smile on his face. Xie Yunyan has an absolute fear in her heart! This fear has even reached an unimaginable depth! What Li Xiao is going to do. That is, even if someone can not kill Xie Yunyan, but also in this bitch body and mind under the brand of his invincible figure! And Li Xiao, at this time intended to shock the world, intended to show the amazing talent,Time Delay Tap, he is to the most dazzling ability, into the Yanyue Zong, to enter the qualifications of the historic site! So, next, Jiang Yuxuan practices the skill method, the star temple even some does not pass on the secret, Li Xiao displayed, these skills method, each kind, has shocked all people! Li Xiao practiced every kind of skill to the point of complete integration and even drawing inferences about other cases from one instance,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, which made countless geniuses feel awe. But Zhou Kan, Li Weidao, and others were even more heartbroken, and they really felt convinced. This is really convinced! Especially Zhao Xiao, his great light and darkness, Li Xiao's display is even more unfathomable than him, his heart shock can be imagined! As a veteran strong man, how old he lived, how many years he felt, how old Li Xiao was, how many years he felt, and finally his best means, the other side is more profound than his own practice. Zhao Xiao was filled with emotion and felt more and more that he had not started with Li Xiao, which was really a great blessing. Where does he know that this is not the case. "The first heaven and earth!" Another move to abuse Xie Yunyan, hit her life has been running out of time, belongs to Hua Taichu East Emperor Bell, appeared in the hands of Li Xiao, he shot is Hua Taichu's unique learning, Self-closing Faucet ,Prison toilet for sale, Taichu world! The divine power of creating the world, the unique learning that shocked the world, and the profound meaning of the emperor God that shocked people, made Li Xiao like the peerless God of war at this time, truly invincible in the world! Even Ji Cangqiong was moved at this moment. I give up! Xie Yunyan suddenly screamed loudly, but was hit by a yellow light. Xie Yunyan's body exploded into powder, but another one of her suddenly appeared on the other side of the distance, the space-time tower in her hands, derived space-time. The Yin and Yang Heavenly Book's means of transforming Yin and Yang, at the critical moment, incarnates an incarnation.. "Death has come!" Li Xiao seems to have expected, the East Emperor Bell hit out of heaven and earth, the other hand of two purposes, the sickle of death appeared, to the distance is a move out. This is the death of Barnard's peerless magic, at this time also appeared in the hands of Li Xiao! Countless geniuses, countless true disciples are stunned at this time, completely silly. All right, now that you give up, that's it! In the distance, his own shadow raised his hand, grabbed Xie Yunyan, let Li Xiao's death sickle, and was hit back by a rebound. This overbearing move came to nothing. "Flame-Master Heaven and Earth!" As soon as Li Xiao's mind moved, he summoned the virtual shadow of the purple blood God dragon God beast. With the claws of the virtual shadow, he fused the unique flame palm of the fire of Nirvana, and went to kill the virtual shadow in purple clothes. Unbridled! The voice of the man in purple was cold. A white palm collided with the flame palm! "Poof!" The huge white palm collapsed in an instant, and blood flew everywhere. And Li Xiao's flame palm was also beaten into powder. Li Xiao's body was motionless, but in the distant sky, blood flowers like flying snow fell. The man in purple is hurt. However, he did not speak and disappeared with Xie Yunyan. Li Xiao, you can't kill me four times! Next time, for the fifth time! Next time, luck reverses, you must be killed by me! This is the cycle of heaven, you can't avoid it! In the distance, came the voice of Xie Yunyan. But Li Xiao stands in the void, his eyes are calm, his face is full of a confident smile, and he doesn't seem to put everything in his eyes. Turning his head, he looked around and said, "Who else would dare to go forward to fight?" "Who else would dare to fight?" Such words resounded through the whole Yan Yue Zong. Welcome you to come, your support, is my biggest motivation. m More wonderful, more good books, all in the wonderful book network-http://Www.Qisuu.Com. Chapter 026 the Jedi wind rises. [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: April 15, 2013 18:19:59 Number of words in this chapter: 5942 Turning his head, he looked around and said, "Who else would dare to go forward to fight?" "Who else would dare to fight?" Such words resounded through the whole Yan Yue Zong. Then at this time, between heaven and earth are resounding Li Xiao's words, Li Xiao the whole person has become a truly peerless genius figure, has shown a different style. Uh? Li Zhenren, I just received a message, Jiang Shang did not attack the Li family and Xiaoyao Zong, because he opened the eternal Jedi! Now the news broke out, the world's hidden strong are a sensation, toward the other side,Flush valve price, the world, will really surge! Suddenly, Li Xiao's ear came the voice of Zhao Xiao. Eternal Jedi? 。 cnkexin.com