Tianxiang Biao-Wolongsheng _ txt Novel Paradise

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Peng Ye wanted to bring He Zheng to introduce him at the beginning,industrial racking systems, but now it looks like he didn't take Cheng Jia seriously. Without waiting for Peng Ye, Cheng Jia opened his mouth: "My name is Cheng Jia, a photographer." 。

Disciples of the Wudang Sect let him jump across the sky, but instead of chasing him, they cast their eyes on the elixir on the rock. It was a white pill, only the size of a soybean. Dozens of eyes, although together on the pill, but no one reached out to take, because who picked up the pill, who will take the pill to Ziyang Taoist to take, is the antidote or poison? If this medicine is not the antidote, whoever gives it to Taoist Ziyang will bear the charge of killing his teacher. This charge is the most heinous crime in Wulin, and will be abandoned by all Wulin colleagues forever. Just listen to a slight sigh, due east, suddenly stretched out a hand to pick up the Dan pill on the stone. As he picked up the pills with his left hand, he grabbed a sword thrown on the ground with his right hand. With a solemn face and a firm look between his eyebrows, he strode straight to Ziyang Taoist. Dozens of frightened and hopeful eyes, together staring at the white pill in his hand, everyone's face, is a solemn, followed behind him, slowly approached the Ziyang Taoist. The setting sun shone on his face through the crevices of the mountains, and a few beads of sweat rolled down his solemn face. He raised the pill in his hand and shouted, "Master, please take this detoxifying pill." Ziyang Taoist's face was expressionless, as if he had not heard what he had answered. At the same time,shuttle rack system, Qundao felt a shock in his heart. "Master," he cried out in unison. Qing Yichang sighed softly and said, "Master is badly hurt. It's hard to delay any more. If no one objects, I'll make up my own mind." Suddenly he raised his voice and called out to the master once or twice. After Ziyang Taoist shouted at him, he did not seem to hear it, nor did he open his eyelids. Qing Yidao frowned slightly, lifted his right hand up, grabbed Ziyang Taoist's jaw, and exerted his big finger and index finger at the same time. Ziyang Taoist's teeth immediately opened. Qing Yidao raised his left palm and threw a pill in his hand into Ziyang Taochang's mouth. Time passed a hot tea time,Teardrop Pallet Racking, Ziyang Taoist is still unresponsive, closed his eyes against the mountain wall. As the sun sank into the western hills, a touch of sunshine from the mountain crevices also faded with the sinking sunshine. The mountain wind blew up the clothes of the group, but their faces and expressions became more and more nervous. Dozens of eyes, flashing with the light of expectation, stared at the face of Ziyang Taoist, only to see that his breath was getting weaker and weaker. Life was like the darkening sky, and it was nearly dusk. Qing Yichang's face gradually turned livid. He reached out his arm and picked up the sword on the ground. He said sadly, "Brothers, don't forget to avenge your teacher. He was wounded by the three magic needles of the autumn, and died in the hands of that little baby.." Suddenly he raised his sword and wiped it from his neck. There were two loud shouts in the crowd, and two swift arms stretched out, one grabbing the wrist of Qingyi's sword, the other brushing the sword fiercely. Qingyi seemed to have the intention to die, and the action was very fast, but in a flash, blood sprayed, heavy duty cantilever racks ,mobile racking systems, and when the two hands touched Qingyi's long sleeves, Qingyi's head was already more than three feet high by the blood spurting out. The crowd gave a cry of surprise and burst into tears. At this chaotic moment, Ziyang Taoist suddenly opened his eyes. I don't know who saw the Taoist Ziyang wake up first and called the master in a low voice. The group of Taoist devotes their eyes to the body of Ziyang Taoist, and the voice of exclamation and call rises and falls. Time is only such a short moment, but life and death are different, people and ghosts are separated. As soon as Ziyang Taoist looked at Qingyi Taoist, his expression was very strange. He seemed to know something about his death, but he seemed to be at a loss. He looked at each other suspiciously and hesitated. At the beginning, he woke up from a daze. It seemed that his mind had not yet fully recovered. No one was willing to tell him the painful news. One by one, he kept silent. The name of the Buddha was heard in the distance, and Master Tianyi came with a group of Shaolin monks. Master Tianchan was able to act on his own, and under the protection of four Shaolin disciples, he walked at the end. Fan Yukun, carrying his sword upside down, walked behind Master Tianchan with a sad face. From time to time, he wiped the tears rolling down with his sleeves. Two strong men carried Fan Tongshan's body, and then walked. The Taoist Priest Ziyang suddenly took a step and said in a low voice, "Take their bodies and let's go!" A few miles away in this valley, there is also a long line, when the first person, holding a corpse, tears like raindrops, rolling down from the jade cheeks to the corpse in her arms, who caused such a sad situation. She was followed by Miao Sulan in a white dress, and Wan Yingxia, Yu Yile, Zhong Yihao, Huo yuanjia and Qunhao in the "Lost Valley" with double petals of hair combs and plain flowers on their temples. The rustling sound of footsteps pierced the silence of the rugged mountain path. This line of people, although all walk calmly, but in the mind of things, it is very different, HuoyuanJia estimates that Hu Bailing's death, leaving behind the position of the leader of the Greenwood Alliance, how to get it smoothly, now in the group of heroes, only Zhong Yihao and his own strength in the middle, as long as try to get rid of him, or try to appease down, it is very easy to get the position of the leader of the Greenwood Alliance, If Zhong Yihao gets in the way and obstructs him, he is bound to have a fierce struggle. Looking up, I saw Zhong Yihao bowing his head and walking. He seemed to have a lot on his mind. He said to himself, "I'm trying my best to think of ways to deal with him. I'm afraid he's also thinking of ways to deal with me. It seems that there will be a fire in the battle for the leader of the alliance." In fact, Zhong Yihao thought a thousand times, but he was thinking about another thing. The sky gradually darkened, and Qunhao arrived outside the "Lost Valley". Gu Hanxiang suddenly stopped, looked back at Qunhao who was following her, and said, "You go back!" Turn around and walk to the other road. Miao Sulan said in a low voice, "Madam, I'll go with you." Gu Hanxiang looked back at Miao Sulan, nodded slightly, and turned to walk forward. "Auntie," said Wan Yingxia,industrial racking systems, "I'll go with you." Gu Hanxiang turned around and said faintly, "I'm going to bury your uncle. What are you going to do?" "I'm going to pay my respects at my uncle's grave," said Wan Yingxia. 。 jracking.com