How Long It Is: Violent Jun

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Peng Ye wanted to bring He Zheng to introduce him at the beginning,industrial racking systems, but now it looks like he didn't take Cheng Jia seriously. Without waiting for Peng Ye, Cheng Jia opened his mouth: "My name is Cheng Jia, a photographer." 。

The servant girl Fu went down. Mrs. Jiang looked at her youngest son in her arms in a slight trance. Wei Ji yawned and closed her eyes. Mrs. Jiang gathered her hair in a bun and whispered, "Good boy, there's still an hour to go before lunch. You'll be sleepy. I'll take off your coat and you'll lie here for a while." Wei Ji was so sleepy that he couldn't open his eyes. He nodded and took off his clothes. Mrs. Jiang got up and helped him take off his clothes. She pretended not to see the traces. She adjusted the clothes for Wei Ji. All of a sudden, she saw the delicate red gold chain between Wei Ji's neck. Mrs. Jiang had a meal, and there was nothing she didn't know about what her son was wearing. Where did it come from? Wei Ji lay down and pulled the quilt to cover it, Mrs. Jiang stayed at the bedside for a while, and when Wei Ji fell asleep, she slowly lifted the quilt, gently picked up the gold chain, and the pendant hanging on the chain was brought out from the inside of the clothes. The gold Panlong pendant was decorated with delicate tassels. Mrs. Jiang had never seen such a valuable thing before, and Mrs. Jiang looked at the words on it. It's really Wang Ye. Mrs. Jiang slowly sat down on one side of the couch, with mixed feelings in her heart, and many things in front of her were explained, why the youngest son was promoted again and again, why Zijun Hou would promote Wei Zhan, why Wei Ming could get the care of the big prince. Unlike her husband, Mrs. Jiang only knows how to help her husband and teach her children. She doesn't have any extravagant expectations for the future of her husband and son. She just wants the whole family to be healthy and stable. Now her youngest son has caused this kind of thing. The son's temperament Mrs. Jiang knows best, Wei Ji can't do anything to invite favor,warehouse pallet racks, not Wei Ji, that is, your Highness took a fancy to his son. Mrs. Jiang is bitter in the heart, Wei Ji is pure and kind, has not done a bad thing since childhood, how to let his son stand on such a thing. Looking at the son's appearance is not like being forced,wire mesh decking, also, the big prince as high above the people, can be promoted one by one in the house, the son must be grateful for kindness, but this kind of thing is always can't see the light, in case let others know, Wei Ji how to say in the future? It's not good to let it go, but what else can we do? Heaven's kindness, can only thank, can not not? Mrs. Jiang was so confused that she didn't dare to consult with others. She sat alone in a trance. The maids came in gently and changed the snacks on the Kang table. Mrs. Jiang looked at them and said softly, "Young master loves walnut cakes. Why aren't you ready?" The servant girl smiled, glanced at the Wei Ji lying on the couch, and whispered, mobile racking systems ,drive in racking system, "The old lady has already ordered the kitchen to make a new dish for the young master to eat, but it hasn't been delivered yet." Mrs. Jiang nodded and said casually, "He can't stand eating almonds. Tell the kitchen not to put those dried fruits." The servant girl nods: "Young master eats almond to fall ill since childhood, the cook knows, dare not careless." Mrs. Jiang was stupefied and thought thoughtfully. Chu Shaoling gave Wei Ji two days off, but the next day, Wei Ji had not come back. Wang Muhan followed the letter from outside and hurried into the palace to explain to Chu Shaoling: "The people in Wei's mansion handed over a note asking for peace, saying that Lord Wei was slightly ill and could not go back to the palace first." Chu Shaoling's face sank in an instant: "Slightly ill?!"! Did you say what disease you had? Wang Muhan also looked puzzled and said, "I heard from the Wei Mansion that Lord Wei suddenly had a fever at night, and now he has red spots on his body. It's not suitable to see people." Chu Shaoling was silent for a moment and said, "Go to the Imperial Hospital and ask the Imperial Physician Zhang to go to the Wei Mansion and take a good look at Wei Ji. After feeling the pulse, send the pulse case back to me." The author has something to say: Ouch, it's so painful ~ Thanks to the thunder night, Huang Da good ~ two girls of the mine, Mada Thank you for supporting mua Bow! 24. Chapter 24 Mrs. Jiang in Wei Fu stayed in front of her son's bed. She felt uncomfortable and worried. Wei Ji burned all night last night. He was particularly ill this time. He had a rash on his body. Mrs. Jiang was so distressed that she stayed by Wei Ji's bed all night. When Mrs. Wei got the letter, she came over and said worriedly, "What's the matter?"? My darling, it doesn't work even if you drink the medicine. What are you infected with? I don't know. "Mrs. Jiang stood up and helped Mrs. Wei to sit down. She whispered," In spring, I'm afraid it's some kind of flower powder. The doctor can't say clearly. I wiped his body once, but it's not good. The fever has gone down a little, and it feels less hot. " Old Mrs. Wei was so worried that she went to the front of the cave and touched Wei Ji's head. Then she took a closer look at the rash. She couldn't tell what was going on. She said, "Let's change another doctor, or let Zhan'er come back. He can speak now. Let him go and ask for a useful doctor to come back.." Mrs. Jiang lowered her eyes and said, "The army is very strict. It's not easy to spread the news. Let's see." Just as they were talking, the housekeeper outside came and said that there was something to say in the palace. Mrs. Jiang's heart sank. She walked out of the inner room and asked, "What's the matter?" The housekeeper bowed and said, "Please hand it over to me. The Bitao Garden in the palace is the one where our seventh young master is on duty. The father-in-law in charge said that Wang Yeh knew about it and sympathized with the young master. He sent Zhang Taiyi from the Imperial Hospital to see it. He will be there as soon as he speaks." Mrs. Jiang was in a panic and said, "Go and tell me. I dare not bother the doctor. Please go back." Housekeeper is stupefied, way: "Madam, this is afraid not appropriate." The Imperial Physician is here. How can you go back? Old Mrs. Wei heard a word from inside. She helped the maids out and said, "What are you talking about?"? Just worry about not having a good doctor, isn't this coming? I know this chapter of the Imperial Physician. The judge of the Imperial Hospital used to be in charge of inviting the empress's pulse. He has excellent medical skills. He can't be invited easily. Prepare the next consultation fee quickly. Seal it better. Mrs. Jiang had to nod. "Yes, but I'm afraid.." "The great doctor of the laboring family." Housekeeper smiles: "This is about to arrive, already worked." Mrs. Jiang was very confused and nodded: "Yes, also..." With these words, he clenched his veil tightly and went into the inner room. Not long after, Imperial Physician Zhang arrived. Imperial Physician Zhang had served the emperors of two Dynasties, and now he was seventy years old. He had crane hair and a young face, but he was not old. Old Mrs. Wei exchanged a few pleasantries. Imperial PhysicianZhang smiled and said,push back racking system, "You're welcome, Mr. Feng. Let me see Lord Wei first." Old Mrs. Wei asked the housekeeper to lead the old doctor inside. The old doctor examined his pulse carefully and came out to ask softly, "What has Lord Wei eaten recently that he doesn't usually eat?" 。