The Age of Technology: The Strongest Learning System

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Ivy comforted the panda spirit who had begun to suspect the demon, while Tu Quan and Hu yuan still suspected that yuan Shilang was a demon, even though he said he was not a demon.

Listening to Yu Yiye's story, Zhang Shantong, who was beside him, was suddenly enlightened. After he knew the Chinese programming technology, he tried to learn independently, but there were still some things he didn't understand. After listening to Yu Yiye's story, he immediately understood. This girl is really a genius! Just sighing, just finished arranging the content that Zheng Botao needed to understand deeply, Yu Yiye came to Zhang Shantong's side. Zhang Lao, thank you very much for the news. Yu Yiye's eyes are very sincere. She really didn't expect Zhang Lao to give her such a big gift. What Huaxing needs most in the future is exposure. The higher the exposure, the more popular Huaxing will be in the future, and the safer it will be. It is true that some people will focus on the future of Huaxing, but we should also weigh the relationship between the future of Huaxing and the official of China. Anyway, there will be no big problems in China. And abroad, at present, the future market of Huaxing can not be spread all over the country, let alone abroad? Of course, the most important point is that Yu Yiye needs prestige, a lot of prestige, the more prestige, the more learning points, the more things can be exchanged, which can also ensure the future security of Huaxing. You girl, thank what? To say thank you, we are the most should say, you give the country so many things, but we can not give you anything, but also let some minions to make trouble, you do not blame us already good. Zhang Shantong obviously knew the inside story of Yu Yiye's urgent return to the company and found out the mastermind behind it, so he would say such a thing. Yu Yiye smiled and said that he didn't care at all,shuttle rack system, but he thought to himself that he must not let Zhang Lao know that what he gave them was chosen, that they could not use for their own use, that they could only cooperate with the state to find a way out. On the other side, Zheng Botao scratched his head at the computer and manuscript paper. He has accepted too many things at once, and some of them can't adapt to it. It is estimated that it will take some time to learn this Chinese programming technology. After all, not everyone has a learning system like Yu Yiye. At the construction site of Huaxing Future Miracle City, Zhou Hao, who was working, welcomed a group of people. According to them, they came to measure the upcoming garden on the spot. The leading girl called herself Chu Xuan, and Zhou Hao recognized her for the first time, because he had seen the girl, whose villa design was a blockbuster at a famous international architectural design exhibition. Otaku late night benefits, you know!!! Watch online :!! Chapter 74 the drill is coming to an end. The presence of Chu Xuan and a group of young construction engineers marks the start of the construction of the garden project in the City of Miracles. When the orientation of the building foundation is chosen, the foundation can be excavated. The next building materials, because of the ancient method of building, warehouse storage racks ,warehousing storage solutions, need to be specially searched by the older generation of architects, and some unique and even endangered construction techniques need to be reproduced a little bit. Therefore, when the young people led by Chu Xuan arrived at the construction site, a group of craftsmen of the older generation of big countries also embarked on the journey of looking for the restoration technology of building materials. Even in order to imitate the furnishings in yuanmingyuan, even the old porcelain workers who had worked in Jingdezhen for many years came back. This time, they were not for themselves, but for the garden treasures that had disappeared in the long history. When Yu Yiye received a phone call from Chen Yu and learned that Chu Xuan had arrived, Yu Yiye understood that everything would be on the right track. Sitting in the director's room, she once again looked up at the big screen. The group confrontation was drawing to a close, and the outcome had already been decided. The North District Special One ranked first among all the special combat teams with an overwhelming advantage of killing 23 of the Blue Army's 100 enemy teams without any casualties. On the exercise ground, No.1 reported in the headset that the exercise time was coming to an end, and Wei Yutong nodded and gave the last order. Attention all units, the exercise is about to end, in order to prevent the enemy counterattack, please pay attention. Wei Yutong's words were very effective. The team members' hearts that were ready to move settled down all of a sudden. They were 120% energetic and looked around. Half of the people who traveled a hundred miles were ninety. There was no real end. No one could really say that they had won. Many people fell at the last step. This was a bloody lesson. "Tut, is this guy called Wei Yutong?" Ai Yunzhou held up his binoculars to observe the location of Teyi in the North District, and sent out some uncomfortable questions. The Phantom and his party were lying in ambush not far from the North District. After they got up their spirits, the efficiency of their mission was extremely high. In the second level, they were also in a state of no casualties until now. But in terms of the number of kills, the Mirage is still a certain distance away from the North District Special One, so near the end of the exercise, they hit the North District Special One's idea, as long as they kill them, the first must be the Mirage. They used their best camouflage to integrate themselves with the environment, waiting for the special people in the North District to relax at the last moment to kill with one blow. Unfortunately, all this was destroyed by Wei Yutong. Yes, it's Wei Yutong, the captain of the North District Special One. They were killed directly in the previous exercise, and they didn't pay attention to it. I didn't expect this to be a blockbuster. Wang Xietong took a look at the telescope and immediately determined who the captain of the other team was. Everyone had face blindness, but Wang Xietong did not. As long as he had seen people, he could remember them, a typical photographic memory. This side of the phantom has not given up the idea of playing a special one in the North District, but Wei Yutong, who was regarded as prey, had a palpitation for no reason. Number one, the drone is airborne, exploring a radius of 500 meters. "Understood." Soon, the feedback from number one came back. The team is at 7 o'clock, 468 meters away, and seven people are in ambush. He knew it! Quickly share the information to his teammates, Wei Yutong quickly arranged to retreat, others he did not shoot, but only the phantom, he is really not sure to win. Yes is so sure, dare to ambush so close, can not be found in addition to the blade, the phantom, to participate in the exercise only the phantom, the blade do not know where to be sent to carry out the task,industrial racking systems, so who is not the phantom? Wang Xietong is holding a telescope to observe, suddenly found that the "prey" has a movement, obviously to escape!.