Hidden rules of the official road

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Ivy comforted the panda spirit who had begun to suspect the demon, while Tu Quan and Hu yuan still suspected that yuan Shilang was a demon, even though he said he was not a demon.

Another way is to find Gong Zhong to sign the certificate. As long as Gong Zhong signed, Director Dong Xin would be easy to handle, and generally he would not ask much. But Gong Zhong is too rigid. If you want him to fake, don't even think about it unless the water of the Yangtze River flows backwards and the sea dries up. Fang Lihong picked up the teacup on the table and got up to pour herself a cup of boiled water. But the boiling water in the cup overflowed, and she didn't notice it. Ah The boiling water spilled from the tea table splashed on her feet, and the burning feeling stimulated her nerves, and she could not help screaming. Suddenly, Fang Lihong thought of going to the tax department with Gong Zhong a few days ago and successfully applying for a preferential tax rate for the overhead facade of Zhengqi Garden. She felt that for the cadres and workers of Jiangnan Bureau, they paid more than 100,000 yuan less tax every year. This opportunity was very rare, and they could not use it only once to let it go in vain. Fang Lihong wiped the water on the tea table with a rag, then sat back on the desk and chair with a teacup, carefully recalling every detail of the reimbursement of the 2000 yuan at that time. Suddenly, her eyes brightened and she felt that there was something to be done. At that time, when reporting the 2,000 yuan, Fang Lihong first found Director Ma Jianshe to sign: "Director Ma, this time the tax department has given us such great care, so that the overhead facade of Zhengqi Garden can enjoy this preferential tax rate like a rental house, which really gives us a lot of face.". I discussed with Director Gong and sent a red envelope to each of their directors and administrators. When Fang Lihong said this, she was still very sure. Director Ma Jianshe will certainly not confront Gong Zhong, after all,asrs warehouse, we are all colleagues, under normal circumstances will not be so serious. When she went to Gong Zhong to sign, Fang Lihong did not explain anything. She knew that as long as the reimbursement documents had the signature of Director Ma Jianshe, Gong Zhong would certainly not ask anything. Although Gong Zhong is usually very rigid, but he is not stupid, this taste Gong Zhong still understand. When Director Dong Xin signed there, Fang Lihong clearly remembered that she said to Director Dong Xin like this: "Director Dong, this is a special expense. Director Ma said that it was spent in Zhengqi Property Company." At that time,heavy duty cantilever racks, when Director Dong Xin saw the signature of Director Ma Jianshe, he did not say much and happily signed and agreed. These details flow slowly through Fang Lihong's mind. Thinking about it, Fang Lihong thought of a good idea. She immediately found several invoices from the drawer, filled out a bill, and then pasted the invoices as an attachment to the bill, and went to Director Dong Xin's office. Fang Lihong usually pays attention to collecting invoices, which is a habit she has developed over the years. As long as she goes out to consume, whether with classmates and friends or with relatives and friends, as long as she consumes, she will ask for invoices from the other party. Her reason is very high-sounding, that is, not to let the other party evade taxes. Brother Dong, I've come to see you again! As soon as she entered Director Dong Xin's office, Fang Lihong said coquettishly in her unique voice. Although there is only one word difference between "Brother Dong" and "Brother Dong", the taste is quite different. The former is only out of respect for age, drive in racking system ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, while the latter has a special meaning, which may be for kindness or ambiguity. Of course, Director Dong Xin was fully aware of the ambiguity of Fang Lihong, the "heartthrob," but he didn't need to take it seriously. He just said playfully, "Beauty Fang is here. Please sit down!" With these words, Director Dong Xin got up and poured her a cup of tea. Since the discovery of her relationship with Deputy Director Hong Jizong, whenever Fang Lihong came to his office, Director Dong Xin would get up and pour tea for her. After some false politeness, Fang Lihong said happily: "Director Dong, I have done a great good thing for the cadres and workers of Jiangnan Bureau this time. I don't know how the leaders can thank me." Then Gong Zhong accidentally found the preferential tax policy on the Internet, went to the tax Bureau to find a relationship to do the work, let the overhead facade of Zhengqi Garden enjoy the preferential tax rate, and reported it to Director Dong Xin in detail. Only in the whole incident, the name of Gong Zhong, the protagonist, was changed to Fang Lihong's name. Finally, Fang Lihong said: "The tax Bureau has helped us so much that we have to pay more than 100,000 yuan less tax every year in the future. It's really not easy.". We can't be too stingy. I didn't ask the leader for instructions in advance. I decided to send a red envelope to the director and the commissioner. This is the bill I collected. Ask the leader to sign it. Fang Lihong said as she handed the reimbursement document to Director Dong Xin from her bag. After Director Dong Xin took over, he asked about the specific situation of some preferential policies while watching, and signed his name on the reimbursement document. Fang Lihong took the reimbursement documents, and polite a few words, and then control the excitement of the heart, left the office of director Dong Xin, to find Gong Zhong and Jing Fei for the final reimbursement procedures. Chapter 84 The Way to Make Money (2) From the financial department to the logistic support center of the organ, after more than ten years of struggle, Gong Zhong saw this kind of behavior of Zhang Yingying, Shu Daming, Dong Xin, Ma Zhibing, Fang Lihong and others in his eyes and in his heart, but there was nothing he could do. First, there is no definite evidence. All they have done is to express their doubts. They have some doubts, but they cannot produce clear evidence. Second, they only have a little money every time. Even if they are serious, they will not be elegant. As Director Ma Jianshe said, if the water is clear, there will be no fish. Taking advantage of his position to make some "small money" for individuals is a common phenomenon in the logistic support center of the organ for many years. Therefore, there is a "strange" phenomenon in the logistic support center of the organ, that is, everyone is keen to go out to purchase, engage in projects, and run business, but is unwilling to stay "at home" to engage in service and internal service. Gong Zhong, as a small section-level cadre, without any support, only relying on him, using the so-called financial system,shuttle rack system, of course, is pale and powerless. Want to stop Dong Xin this direct leader and others of this kind of behavior, there is no doubt that Gong Zhong's fiasco ended. jracking.com