Mad God _ Tang Jiasanshao _ txt Novel Paradise

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Ivy comforted the panda spirit who had begun to suspect the demon, while Tu Quan and Hu yuan still suspected that yuan Shilang was a demon, even though he said he was not a demon.

Not to mention, Lucifer has been flying far away with Moyue. In fact, he has already helped Lei Xiang stabilize his injury. Now he just wants to see how the little girl who can turn into a four-winged fallen angel is doing. He remembered that the magic formula he had left behind was not suitable for women to practice, and he was very interested in the sudden appearance of a female fallen angel. After flying for some time, his surprise grew bigger and bigger. The strength of the four-winged girl was beyond his expectation. Although she could not compare with herself, she could still maintain a slow speed in the case of holding a person. She should have practiced the magic formula that he had spread to the peak. With Lucifer's eyesight, he could naturally see the age of Moyue, which made him even more surprised. At the end of the test, Lucifer gathered his six wings and dived down. Lucifer's goal was a low mountain in front of him. He rushed to the mountainside. When he was less than 100 meters away, his eyes flashed coldly. He raised his hand and waved a black awn, which hit the mountain directly. A dark cave suddenly appeared on the mountainside, as if it had existed naturally, and there was no sound when the cave was formed. Of course, Moyue, who was well versed in the magic formula, knew that the cave was definitely not there before, but was corroded by the fallen angel Lucifer. Such peerless magic, can not help but let her stay in the air, this is the power she simply dare not imagine ah. "Come down with me," said Lucifer in a cold voice. With that, he took the lead in rushing into the cave. Moyue followed closely, and as soon as she entered the cave, she clearly found that the wall of the cave that had just been excavated was so smooth that there was no sign of corrosion. With a light hand, Lei Xiang, who had been holding him in his hand,warehouse pallet racks, suddenly took off his hand and flew deep into the cave. Lucifer's voice came out: "Girl, you guard the door and don't let anyone come in to disturb me, do you know?"? All the bones of this boy are broken, and I want to rebuild his body. Moyue quickly knelt down on the ground and kowtowed several times to the depths of the cave. She said respectfully, "Lord Demon God, I will guard the entrance of the cave. Please." With that, she pulled out her narrow sword and went to the hole to sit cross-legged, adjusting the dark magic in her body to its peak, listening to the movement around her,wire mesh decking, even at the slightest sign of trouble. Moyue secretly prayed for Lei Xiang in her heart, tears kept pouring out, why, why did the perfect wedding become like this? Purple Yan sister was captured, Lei Xiang has serious injuries, life and death unknown, this is why ah? Lei Xiang, you must not die, if you die, I have no meaning to live, God, bless Lei Xiang, I beg you. Deep in the cave, Lucifer put Lei Xiangping on the ground. With a wave of his hand, he laid a layer of boundary around him that could block sound and light. He frowned and said to himself, "Gabriel, you bastard. Next time I see you, I will let you know how powerful I am. All my bones are broken. It really takes a lot of time.". Fortunately, mobile racking systems ,push back racking system, there is a mad God armor to protect his root, the internal organs are only shock displacement, and not broken, otherwise, even if rescued, I am afraid it is a living dead. With that, he stretched out his hands, and two black lights flashed in his hands. Lucifer gave a low shout, and a purple light from the black light fell between Lei Xiang's chest and abdomen, and Lei Xiang's bones kept clicking with the movement of the purple light. The divine world. Sophia, the God king, looked at Gabriel, the dead angel kneeling down in front of him, and did not say anything for a long time. As soon as Gabriel returned to the Protoss, he was captured by the other three archangels sent by the God King. Sophia let Ziyan fall into a deep sleep. Because of Gabriel's performance this time, she was extremely angry. Raphael, the charming angel standing aside, said respectfully, "Lord God King, although Gabriel made a mistake this time, fortunately, he caused too much loss to the human world. Please forgive him.". ” Sophia gave Rafael a cold look and said, "Forgive?"? How can I forgive him? Do you know what will happen if he brings back Sifia before the time is ripe? This may make Sifiya unable to withstand my divine power and destroy my years of hard work. You say he didn't cause too much damage to the human world? Is the loss still small? He was so imposing that he went to rob people openly when the leaders of the six major races in the human world formed an alliance. Peace in the human world is very beneficial to our Protoss. Even if what he did did not affect the peace talks, it would also change the impression of all ethnic groups in the world on us. Moreover, he also injured Sudirman's old fellow in the world. Although the wingless gods can not pose a threat to us, but the speed of their number increase can not be belittled, not to mention the human world is the foundation of the gods and the underworld, don't you know? Gabriel, Gabriel, this is not the first time you have done this. I have forgiven you for framing Diomandus, causing Lucifer, the angel of freedom, and the mad God to rebel at the same time, and causing the death of Philyunna. But this time you have made such a big deal for me. The more Sophia spoke, the more angry she became. She stood up from the throne and kept pacing, as if she were thinking about what to do with Gabriel. With a calm face, Gabriel looked at Sophia, the God King, who was beautiful in front of him and had a very sacred breath all over his body. "I'm not convinced," he said. Lord God, if I don't bring the princess back, she will marry that mean bastard. I can't look at Si Fei Ya Bu Fei Er Yun again after that. At this point, there was a bitter light in his eyes. With a deep sigh, Sophia, the God king, was about to speak when a four-winged angel suddenly flew in. He fell to his knees and said, "Tell the God king that Hades, the king of the underworld, has entered our God world with the twelve witches of the underworld. He is coming here. His subordinates can't stop him. You see?" The meaning of this blazing angel could not be clearer, that is, to hope that the God king can immediately send several archangels, or even personally, after all, the other side is the supreme king of the underworld. To everyone's surprise, Sophia said with a calm face,heavy duty cantilever racks, "Pass on my will. All the Protoss troops will give up resistance and ask the keeper to come in." Raphael was frightened and said, "Lord God, how can this be done?" 。