You're crushing my invisible leaves.

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Ivy comforted the panda spirit who had begun to suspect the demon, while Tu Quan and Hu yuan still suspected that yuan Shilang was a demon, even though he said he was not a demon.

So, on the way home, while the fox spirit, the rabbit spirit, and the human cub yuan Shilang were sleeping in the car, Gu Ningjing was reading all kinds of gossip reports and looking for something related to goblins on the Internet. Then, all of a sudden, their car stopped, and the people sitting behind them, because of inertia, suddenly leaned forward. Sleeping several people suddenly woke up, startled, Tu Quan asked nervously, "What's wrong?"? What happened? Was there a car accident? Gu Ningjing looked out of the window and found nothing. He asked the driver in the front row, "What happened?" It turned out that the driver was knocked unconscious by the airbag. yuan Shilang shouted, "Monitor." Gu Ningjing turned around and saw the window next to him. Eye That is a pair of what kind of eyes, almost palm-sized pupils, or strange vertical pupils, blood-red. The viewer felt his scalp tingling for a moment. Hu yuan severely pinched Tu Quan next to him. "Does it hurt?"? Am I dreaming? "Of peat." Tu Quan grinned in pain and wanted to hit people. Fortunately, the atmosphere was no longer allowed to hit people. The eyes outside were staring at the inside of the car, and several people did not dare to move at all. yuan Shilang couldn't help opening his mouth. "Monitor, aren't you a goblin?"? You go! Gu Ningjing: ".." Although he is a monster in his identity, his current fighting capacity is still human. yuan Shilang: "…" What is the meaning of motionless? Gu Ningjing tried to unfasten the seat belt,cantilever racking system, to find a way to save, really he has never had a moment, like now, feel that he is a human. Tu Quan and Hu yuan: "..." What are they talking about in the face of a formidable enemy? At this time, their car suddenly moved, to be exact, was lifted up. Then with a bang, a snake's tail pierced the car. Several people were frightened. And because the car was worn out,heavy duty metal racks, Gu Ningjing, who was sitting on the edge, fell down directly because he had already unfastened his seat belt. Knowing that the car had been lifted by the python to a height of more than ten meters in the air, Gu Ningjing fell down and tasted the feeling of weightlessness. The blood seemed to be summoned and rushed to the head, making it extremely difficult to breathe. Then, with a bang, it hit the ground. Of the three men still in the car, Tu Quan blinked and said, "isn't that a little too loud?" Just because of the induction of the leaves on Gu Ningjing's body, the ivy that rushed over heard this sentence, is this the focus of attention? Is it? Then I turned my head and saw the three-meter-tall giant panda standing up. He looked at his paws with a frightened expression. "I.." Ivy was fighting for the car with the python and could only call him, "Monitor, come and help." The panda spirit stretched out his feet and took a step at the same time, he saw his torn clothes on the ground. On the car, in addition to yuan Shilang, the other two people are confused. Tu Quan slapped himself, mobile racking systems ,Teardrop Pallet Racking, "Damn, it hurts, it's not a dream!"! The giant panda is wobbling. The ivy clung to the python, but did not dare to act rashly, because the python clung to the car, the ivy controlled all its strength, so that it did not exert any more force, and if it exerted any more force, it would directly seize the car, and the human beings inside would certainly not be able to live. No matter how capable she is, she can't save a disabled person. Gu Ningjing, come and help me! Ivy roared. The giant panda replied tragically, "Ivy.." I can't seem to walk. He had no idea how to use the body, which was like the soul of a child who had not yet learned to walk, thrown into the body of an adult. Not using an adult body at all. While the ivy was dumbfounding, the python's head, which was entangled by the ivy, suddenly split into a second one. He rushed to the root of the ivy and tried to kill her with one blow. Originally, because he was too fat to see the road, the giant panda, who was still walking unsteadily, suddenly rushed over and bit the python's neck accurately. After dancing twice, the python's head fell off. He also released the car that had been locked in a moment. Ivy caught it quickly and did not let a few people fall out. Ivy put the car down gently, this time, the giant panda really tiger back bear waist, bent over, in the side of the deadly vomit. Tu Quan and Hu yuan's legs were already weak, but they could not continue in the car. He managed to unfasten his seat belt, then dragged his legs out, and the two men were close to each other. yuan Shilang was much calmer, after all, it was not the first time he had encountered such a situation. So Tu Quan and Hu yuan looked at all the rattan branches and roots, once again changed back to the sweet girl's ivy, and looked at the giant panda over there who was still vomiting. And the dead python on the ground, thicker than the pillar. The two men kept away from yuan Shilang, who was particularly calm next to them, "You." Are you a goblin, too. In Ivy's view, it's a big-tailed fox spirit with long ears, a rabbit spirit holding together and shivering, shivering and asking if the human cub next to it is a goblin. It's too humiliating to want to expel these two goblins from their native places. However, the ivy could not care so much now, and quickly squatted in front of the giant panda who was still retching over there, "Are you all right?" The giant panda raised his head, and his strong body could not hide his grievance. "I think the leopard spirit is more suitable for me.." Black round ears actually drooped down, generally two round ears are standing up, the hand of the human form of the ivy can not touch his ears, the panda spirit squatted up higher than her human form. Ivy can only touch him with rattan branches, good rattan treats his companions as warm as spring breeze, "Panda is very handsome.". Not only handsome, but also identity,industrial racking systems, no human dare to bully you. Ivy comforted the panda spirit who had begun to suspect the demon, while Tu Quan and Hu yuan still suspected that yuan Shilang was a demon, even though he said he was not a demon.