Wrath of the Lich King Best Healer - Resto Druids

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Healers are some of the most important roles in a raid. They all have unique strengths and weaknesses, and deciding which healer to play can be confusing.


Healers include priests, druids, paladins and shamans. They typically make up the second most important role in a dungeon or raid. In Wrath of the Lich King, healers got a lot of buffs and are more powerful than ever.


Restoration Druid


Restoration Druids are one of the best healers in end-game PVE and PVP content due to their proactive healing style, high damage through Adaptive Swarm and Grove Guardians, and ability to dispel trash buffs. They also have the best mana management of any healer in the game and can provide innervates.


Their new abilities like wild growth and rejuvenation output insane healing damage over time for their raid or squad teammates. They also have a good defensive toolkit that allows them to survive against magic-heavy comps such as druids and disc priests.


Holy Paladin


Healers are the backbone of raiding in classic wotlk. They heal a lot of people, and have incredible utility. They can give a 30 raid haste buff, rip tide to the tanks, and other awesome spells like clean spirits.


In Wrath, Holy Paladin has a strong combination of tank healing and AOE healing. It also has a variety of abilities to keep its allies alive, including Divine Toll, Tyr’s Deliverance, and Word of Glory. It also has a variety of talents that amplify its casting playstyle, allowing it to compete with other healing specs in terms of power.Individuals with expectations to know about wotlk classic gold and other details can feel free to check here.


Healer meta is fairly well-defined in World of Warcraft’s Wrath of the Lich King expansion, but there are many factors that will affect your healing performance. Read our comprehensive Healer Tier List to learn more about how each healer spec performs in raids, dungeons, and battlegrounds.


Disc Priest


Healers got a huge upgrade in Wrath. Disc priest has a great kit, with pain suppression being an amazing defensive cd, and a rotation that's super easy. Plus, you can also get mana back from meditating and hymn of hope.


In addition, disc priest gets a cool new raid buff called nourish, which increases the amount of healing you receive by 6%. It's insane.


The glyph system for disc priests is really nice too. Glyph of Holy Light gives you a nice healing increase, and glyph of reincarnation provides you with the ability to regenerate your mana by 25%. This makes it much easier to manage your mana. This will help you stay alive when your raid is suffering from damage. It will even help you soak mechanics that paladin bubbles cannot, such as the raid wide damage debuff Infestation.




Healers are a key part of raids, dungeons, and arenas in WoW Classic. They provide a strong support role for the team by healing their teammates and dealing powerful damage. Choosing the best healer is vital to a successful raid, dungeon, or battleground.


The best healers in WoW Classic are holy paladins, restoration druids, and disc priests. These classes excel in tank healing, heals over time, and AOE healing. Val'anyr also helps them mitigate AOE damage with its shielding effect.


Feral druids are great PvP tanks and very competitive in arenas. However, their heals are weaker than other healers'. They also lack a self-heal ability. Adding regrowth would help a lot since currently feral druids get outhealed by rogues with slice and dice. Buffing frenzied regen and renewal would also be helpful.


Resto Druid


Resto druids are one of the most popular healers in the game. Their proactive healing style makes them excellent for raids, Mythic dungeons, and battlegrounds. Their trademark cooldown, Val’anyr, is an extremely powerful resurrect spell that can help save party or raid members in danger.


Despite getting a bit of a dip in Wrath due to the raid heal nerfs, their utility is still excellent. Moreover, they are capable of handling AOE damage with ease, thanks to their spells like Innervate.


In addition, they have a strong burst heal and solid cds such as Guardian Spirit, making them one of the best raid comps in Wrath. However, they are missing a magic dispel which is essential in certain fights. In addition, they are lacking a good magic mitigation such as Devour Magic, which is available to other healers.