What is an Employee Attendance System? Its Impact on Modern Organisations

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Explore how an employee attendance system helps keep track of field employees' availability, and bandwidth with complete reports. Know how it redefines productivity.

Modern employee attendance systems are becoming a high-priority investment for organisations, especially ones with tons of field staff with hectic schedules. Today’s complex or should we say deskless employment structure has made field workforce time attendance systems a must-have solution for every organization. This is why adopting an employee attendance management system is an unwavering need. 

Traditional Time Attendance Systems are Unreliable – Here’s Why!

The traditional time attendance systems which were either manual, electronic, or smartcard-based come with their own share of drawbacks:

  • Buddy punching - Employees record fraudulent attendance marking for their colleagues by using their smart cards or by swindling with time sheets.  
  • Human error - Manual time sheets are prone to human errors. HR personnel, knowingly or unknowingly may enter the false or inaccurate attendance data. Even employees at times can tamper the attendance records which could disrupt payroll calculation.
  • Time-consumption - In the end, keeping aside errors and miscalculations, HR staff may have to spend a lot of time updating the records. Tasks like updating time tickets, and scorecards, fixing input errors, and other issues can be exhaustive and time-consuming. 

To beat these challenges, a modern enterprise needs custom employee attendance tracking software that can help automate the redundant process. And moreover, could help streamline the attendance data with 100% accuracy. 

Employee Attendance Tracking Software - How it Simplifies Admin Tasks?

The attendance tracking systems of today are not just incredibly reliable and effective, but they are also very easy to use and maintain. Beyond just tracking attendance, single-time attendance software can also handle other necessary functions like workforce management, insights generation, creating custom workflows, role-based dashboards, and tracking employee productivity.


A few years ago, managing all these intricate tasks would have seemed like a stretch, but now it is a reality. Next-generation attendance tracking software makes it easy for employees to manage their availability, attendance, leave, or time off of work with the use of smartphones or tablets.


Let’s review how attendance systems are impacting businesses' positivity and helping them streamline their bunch of intricate tasks with much smartness and efficiency.


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  • Geo-verified Remote Attendance

When automation meets on-field workforce management, chances of fraud and manipulation become slim to none. Modern attendance management systems provide the option to mark geo-verified attendance. This means the attendance would be marked only when the field executives visit the client site or upcoming appointment. Your executives get to mark attendance right from the field. The software provides complete lat, long, time, and date of the current location. 

Executives from an app can update their attendance and avoid the hassle of traveling to and fro from the office. This feature will bring a new wave of productivity and work ethics within modern organisations. 


  • Dynamic Dashboard

The advanced employee attendance management systems offer comprehensive and well-visualized dashboards. Over which managers receive detailed reports of each of their executives. The dashboard helps check the real-time status of executives. 


It gets easy to know the complete field staff strength at any time, from any place. Plus, with employee attendance tracking software, managers can view how many people are off duty, unreachable, or new to the structure.


Moreover, the attendance system, when added with capable task management solutions, lets managers keep track of each of their executives’ tasks in progress. They can review each of their executives:


  • Total tasks at hand
  • Current completed tasks
  • Tasks in progress
  • Tasks pending
  • Task delayed or cancelled 


3. Complete productivity reports

Most market-offered employee attendance software comes with analytical reporting tools. Which lets managers oversee their employee's complete attendance and leave history. Based on this they find it easy to grant or reject leaves. The visualised reports available in the employee attendance management system help look into the gaps in availability, productivity, and overall task completion. 


Moreover, by combining this with advanced field service management software, employers can get access to an order management system that lets employees take, place, and get approved orders on the go.


4. Leave Management with a Quota 

It’s a plus for an attendance management system to allow executives to raise leave requests and get instant approval without waiting for hours or exchanging communication through emails or timesheets. A flexible leave management module in such attendance systems makes it easy for employees to manage their leaves while in real-time reviewing their leave quota.

5. Track of Network and Battery Status

In a remote work environment, it’s easy to fool field managers. Field employees might often arrive late to their tasks and blame it on their poor network or dying battery. In such a case, it may be difficult to identify who is lying and who is not. 


The software allows managers to ascertain when their executive's phone is switched off, out of battery, or in airplane mode. It even tells when it’s out of service. This level of intelligence will let managers tighten up the accountability of their staff and help bypass attendance-related excuses and maximise productivity.  With an employee attendance management system, they can say no to attendance-related excuses and yes to authentic tracking!


Employee attendance systems powered by advanced algorithms, IoT, and the power of AI are on the rise. Their impact on organisations is profound and is helping streamline HR and payroll processes. Having such software further leads to a work environment that fosters accountability and productivity. And also creates a data-driven environment where making informed decisions is easy and quick.


Ultimately, it helps optimize workforce management with geo-sensitive attendance marking, comprehensive reports, and more while boosting operational efficiency in contemporary workplaces.


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