Start from scratch

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She talked in a hustling, hectic manner, as if she had no choice and no brain,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, so she was not advanced, intelligent, interesting or humorous at all.

I turned around and looked at the rose-vine woven into a large net and asked the phantom to ask him how he was. As a result, the rose-vine said that there was no discomfort as usual. Maybe this BD is useless for plants. Whitecaps and darts in the small familiar can no longer walk. Whitecap's problem is pain all over his body. Dart has the same high fever as Xiao Chun. Except for these familiars, the others seem to be fine. Nothing happened to the two phoenixes, and Dak and Red Thorn were as healthy as before. After my analysis, this is the general situation. First. This is obviously an infectious disease, and the speed of infection is quite fast, it seems to be airborne, and the applicability of this BD is quite light, so many creatures have been caught. But not everything can be infected by this thing. Rose vines are all right, which means that this BD is ineffective for plants. Phoenix is all right, which means that this BD is afraid of high temperature. Tanks and red thorns are all right. Arthropods and insects are not afraid of this BD. In addition, pure spiritual bodies like phantoms and undead should also be afraid of BD. Otherwise, Asian dragoons should fall ill with their mounts. I suddenly remembered that there was the Ice Queen in the space door and the God of the contract who said he would follow me as a familiar, so I asked Scott with my heart for a long time, but it turned out that the Ice Queen had fallen ill with the God of the contract. It seems that low temperature can restrain BD, and the identity of God is not immune. The president is not good. A member's voice suddenly sounded in the guild channel. What's wrong now? "Many of the pikes in the guild can't fly, and everyone's familiar seems to have all kinds of problems in different situations,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, but some people's familiar is fine." "I see. You turn off the communication first. I want to hold a guild meeting to inform you." Really, it seems that our guild has got something bad for some unknown reason. Attention all members of the Frost Rose League, I am the president of the Purple Sun, unless it is related to life safety, or whatever you are doing, stop immediately. The people of this guild walked well and all stopped. This time I opened the whole channel notice. Overseas players of this guild can also receive the message conveyed by the players on the side of the crystal communication machine. So many people seemed to freeze the words waiting for me at the same time. I first focused the camera on Lucky's teeth. This is my first familiar. Lucky,304 stainless steel wire, there's probably no one in this club who doesn't know him, right? What you're looking at is his gums, and it's clear that he's sick. In fact, he's not the only one who's sick. I used the camera to sweep the defeated familiars next to me. More than half of my familiar fell for it. Just as everyone was wondering why I was saying this, I said, "It's not just my familiar that's sick. Many of the guild's familiars are already in the same situation.". Now it can be confirmed that this is a malignant infectious disease. The people in the guild immediately began to mess up, since the last time we played the whole person expert 20 in Japan, people all over the world know that BD is awesome. Now please calm down, I want to explain something, although we do not know the specific cause of the disease, but we are trying to find a way. The priority now is to reduce coverage, at least to ensure that those who are not infected are not infected again. Everyone nodded. This is a common way to deal with a large-scale epidemic. First of all, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, we need to understand the characteristics of this disease, so that we can fight against it. The findings so far suggest that the disease is airborne, as many familiars who have not been exposed to it are also sick. At present, it seems that Asuka, my demon pet, is the first to be infected. He is now in a deep coma, and healing magic is completely ineffective against it. After a brief pause, I added, "As far as we know, the infectious source of this disease is very wide, and I have inferred some range from the organisms that have been infected.". This disease seems to infect all higher organisms with life. But because we haven't studied it in detail, it's not clear whether it's accurate or not. So far, it has been confirmed in the creatures around us. Plants, arthropods, insects, disembodied energy creatures, and undead creatures all have immunity to this disease, and if your familiar is one of these types, you can rest assured. In addition, I need to say that I can basically confirm that immunity is only for the body not to be harmed, does not mean that it will not carry germs. At present, some of my demon pets seem to be infected by me, but I have no symptoms of my own illness. So I guess not getting sick doesn't mean not carrying germs. "Where are we?" Asked the eagle. I hastened to say, "Yes, we players are another problem.". So far, I am the only one who has been in contact with BD for a long time. There are a large number of people who are in contact with each other for a short time. I don't know if I don't get sick because players aren't affected or if my constitution is immune. After a while, if everyone around me is fine, then I'm sure there's no problem. At this stage, I ask those players who have summoned familiars in today's big fellow not to summon any familiars again. It is absolutely safe in the Phoenix and Dragon space, but only if you have not sent the infected familiars back. As far as I know, it seems that the familiars in the Phoenix and Dragon space will infect each other. Now please try not to contact with layman players, if BD spreads, it will be more difficult to control. Also, anyone who finds a way to save it must be notified immediately. All right, this is the end of the notice. Let's act quickly. Really? How could you be so unlucky to encounter such a difficult thing. Tomorrow I have to help Michael kill that Nero, and now that the familiar is down in a big way, I'm still a carrier myself, which is really troublesome! Because some of the familiars were hit, I had to let Lucky endure a toothache and return us to Isengard. As soon as I got back to the city,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, I was very busy. The whole Isengard had the most serious thin area. A large number of familiars fell all over the ground. Fortunately, the undead were the majority of our guards here, and the city order was normal.