Empty in the city

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I understand your intention,whirlpool bathtub, but I'm not short of people here at the moment. What should I do?" Huicheng and Gu Wei, who were still fighting, stopped at the same time.

"No opinion!" When Shilin heard this, he said without a care. For him. It is the same to do any work. It's just a change of work environment. It's no big deal. And according to the labor contract. Without violating the relevant regulations of the company. He was unilaterally dismissed. Shilin can get three months' salary compensation. I wish I could be fired more times. Think of here. Shilin threw the rag in his hand aside. He stretched comfortably. Now that you're fired. There's no need to clean her office here. I'll go back and pack up and try to leave early. Looking at the stone forest, Zhang Shujun, with a serious expression, was stunned. She never thought that the other party had no temper with the dismissal, but also had a careless attitude. What she had just said was only intended to frighten the other side, to stimulate the other side by this means, to expose the other side's mean and dark side, but now the development of things beyond her expectations. If the matter reached her parents, she would not be able to say it even if it was reasonable. What's more, my sister seems to be very satisfied with this man. Last night, I heard my mother say that my sister moved in with this man. If this man is dismissed, how should my sister explain when she asks about it? "Stop!" Shilin, who had already opened the door, turned his head and looked at Zhang Shujun and asked, "What's wrong now?" "I just asked you if you have any opinions, and did not say to dismiss you, this is a test of the psychological quality of the company's employees, you are qualified!"! Keep cleaning! Zhang Shujun looked at Wang Zheng and said,outdoor whirlpool tub, then lowered his head and pretended to look through the documents in his hands. When Shilin heard this, he smiled disdainfully. He was not stupid enough to believe the other party's boring explanation. The other party's attitude changed before and after. He must be afraid that he would go home and complain. When the time came, she would be blamed. Shilin knew very well that this woman must not like him, and if he kept working, he would certainly not have good fruit to eat. Don't worry! Shilin looked at Zhang Shujun and said, "I'm not the kind of person who just snitches on others. My performance is not good, and it has nothing to do with you.". In order to help you get rid of the suspicion,endless swim spa, I will go back to write the resignation report, but the compensation for my dismissal can not be less. With that, Shilin turned and left the office. Seeing the stone forest leaving, Zhang Shujun immediately stood up, "Wait, you.." The words have not finished, the stone forest people have floated away. Looking at the closed office door, Zhang Shujun knocked hard on the table with his fist. Are you threatening me, asshole? Zhang Shujun stared and gnashed his teeth to himself. She knew that even according to what Shilin said, things would not settle down. Two days after she arrived at the branch office, Shilin left. Whether she was dismissed or he resigned voluntarily, isn't it doubtful? Family questions and complaints, will certainly be overwhelming to her, hot tub spa manufacturers ,4 person jacuzzi, then how can she explain? Hateful! Shilin walked on the way back to the public relations department, and there would be no pressure to meet and get along with Zhang Shujun in the future, so whether mentally or physically, Shilin felt particularly relaxed, and wished he could go to Ritan Park immediately to perform flying skills and fly on the grass. Even if he was fined 50 more, Shilin didn't care! And he felt that the action he had just left in a huff was very natural and unrestrained, just like the swordsman in the martial arts novel, stepping on the breeze and leaving with the breeze! Quiz? Who are you kidding! Back in the office, Shilin began to report his resignation. Turn out a piece of letter paper that is more wrinkled than toilet paper from the drawer, and write four big words with an oil pen: resignation report! Content: I quit! Signature: Shilin! Yes, it is concise and easy to understand, bringing the charm of the Chinese language into full play. Looked at the words, regardless of the rules, smooth strokes, wild and uninhibited, quite the style of Zhang Xu Huai Su in the Tang Dynasty, wild grass, ten thousand years later should be able to sell a good price. While Shilin was enjoying his gorgeous cursive script, Sandezi came out of nowhere and grabbed the letter paper in Shilin's hand. When he saw the content, he was stunned. You.. Are you crazy? Sandezi looked at Shilin and said loudly. When he realized that there were other colleagues in the office, Sandezi immediately bent down and whispered in front of Shilin: "You are crazy. You are doing well. How can you think of resigning?" "Just.." I just feel bored! "" Shilin said, and reached for the resignation report. Sandezi immediately crumpled the resignation report into a ball and threw it into the trash can next to him. Then he looked at Shilin solemnly and said earnestly, "Brother, you can't resign. If you leave, how can you let my brother live?" Hearing Sandezi's words and seeing Sandezi's serious expression, Shilin's heart unconsciously gushed out a warm current, after all, brothers who have been together for many years still have feelings. Wealth is not a friend for life, but a friend is a wealth for life. It doesn't matter, I'm leaving, and our brothers can still contact each other in the future! You just work hard here. Shilin looked at Sandezi and recalled the days and nights when he pulled him to the bar. Big sigh in the heart: This feeling can be expected to become a memory, but at that time has been frustrated. A good poem, a good poem, a good wet hand! "Work is a fart!" On hearing Shilin's words, Sandezi was immediately angry and said angrily, "If you leave, the public relations department will lose a cushion. Then I will be the last one in the monthly performance."? You will be fired in three months. Do you want my brother to be laid off? After hearing this, Shilin was stupefied and suddenly thought of the company's regulations: he would be fired if his performance was the last one for three consecutive months, and there was no compensation. Now the public relations department is dominated by Shilin and Sandezi in terms of performance. If Shilin leaves, then Sandezi will be the last one every month, and then reach the third consecutive hegemony, and finally pack up and leave directly. Seeing Sandezi's indignant appearance,garden jacuzzi tub, Shilin realized that he seemed to have made a mistake just now. He dared to feel that this bastard was so serious, not for the sake of brotherhood, but just to avoid being expelled. This made Shilin more firm in his belief in leaving. What kind of friends have you made. monalisa.com