Jade hook slanting

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I understand your intention,whirlpool bathtub, but I'm not short of people here at the moment. What should I do?" Huicheng and Gu Wei, who were still fighting, stopped at the same time.

Zhao Moyin shook his huge head and looked proud. "Gongsun yuanbo!" He replied proudly! Who else but him? "What?" Sha Tianfang could hardly believe his ears. Gongsun yuanbo was clearly at the critical moment of practicing the supreme Xuangong. He was easily killed. How could he fight? If he can fight, the situation that can threaten Zhao Moyin has disappeared, and he will be killed today. I don't believe it. Tell him to come out and show me. Zhao Moyin looked up to the sky and said, "Good!"! yuan Bo, come out and see brother Sha Tianfang. Inside the gate of the courtyard, there was a magnificent and loud response, and then a handsome young man came out on foot. He only wore tights and had no coat, so the Burmese sword buckled around his waist shone from time to time. The younger generation has seen the elder Sha. He bowed and saluted, and he could not hide his heroic spirit in his gentleness. Are you really Gongsun yuanbo? "The younger generation is." He Dingqing gazed at Sha Tianfang, with a funny meaning in his eyes. "Why is the elder Sha suspicious?" Sha Tianfang said, "Didn't you practice Zhao Moyin's Xuangong with a quick method?"? How can I wake up to fight at this moment? Gongsun yuanbo said, "It's hard for the younger generation to apologize, because the younger generation doesn't understand the reason." "Nonsense!" Sha Tian scolded. But when he saw Gongsun yuanbo's expression, he could not help believing that these words were not hypocritical. "Alas!" He thought to himself! Zhao Moyin's behavior has always been mysterious and unpredictable, and he is really difficult to deal with. I have been practicing for decades in vain, and I have endured decades of boundless loneliness, but in the end I was defeated. Gongsun yuanbo said, "Elder Sha, believe it or not,5 person hot tub, but please be polite and don't insult my personality." Sha Tianfang had nothing to say except sophistry, and he could not help being furious. Gongsun yuanbo was engrossed in the white-haired old man. He knew very well that since Sha Tianfang was able to stand up to his master Zhao Moyin, he could not be ambiguous. He was much stronger than all the enemies he had ever met in his life. He could be described as the most dangerous enemy. I saw Sha Tian put his right hand on a long crutch and slowly lifted it, and the tip of the crutch was two feet from the ground. His body was still straight in the air, supported only by the left inflection point, but the center of gravity of his body did not move to the left. At first glance, it looked very much like the left turn was deep in the ground,jacuzzi bath spa, so that he could hang on it. His right turn was gradually lifted forward, and the movement was not slow. Zhao Moyin laughed and said, "yuan Bo, you've opened your eyes!"! This is the best mental method in the Outer Door Magic Skill. When the turning point points to the vital part of your body, it will shoot vigorously and have an invincible power. It is called the'Thunderbolt Magic Needle '. You try to see how you can resist. He did not point out the way to crack it, but even Sha Tianfang felt strange and puzzled. Although Gongsun yuanbo was fascinated, he was so bold and courageous that he was not surprised at all, and he quickly drew up his own method of resistance. Sha Tianfang pointed to Gongsun yuanbo, urging the magic, a strong and sharp way with the harsh sound of the split silk, attacked the enemy. Gongsun yuanbo's Burmese sword was already in his hand, and as soon as he made a move to "break the clouds and come to the moon," the blade went straight to the strength, best whirlpool tub ,whirlpool hot tub spa, and at the same time he let out a long roar in his mouth. There was nothing strange about the whistling sound, but when it fell with the sound, the momentum suddenly increased more than ten times. In a flash of lightning, the blade struck the sharp force of the "Thunderbolt Magic Needle", and the two men were far apart, but at the same time their bodies shook and each took a step back. The sand day puts the eye to stare, the fierce light is in all directions, the chest is full of the crazy vicious mood, thought: "Hey!"! God damn it. This big boy has only been practicing martial arts for a few days, but he was able to block the blow that I gathered my life's strength. Even this big child can't be killed. What's the point of living? It's better to be killed! Sha Tianfang was so angry that he almost killed himself. But Gongsun yuanbo misunderstood his meaning, thinking that he would make a more fierce blow, and immediately doubled his battle array. His confidence was already as strong as the Great Wall, and he thought to himself: "The'wonderful sounds of the heavens' in the'sound of hearing the magic skill 'of this school, with the power of a pendant, are miraculous. It is not difficult for me to hold back his'thunderbolt magic needle', and this is the first time I have used it!"! If you're a little more skilled.. It is said that people must still have the strength to fight back. "The mind has moved with the heart." It suddenly occurred to me why not make a preemptive strike? While Sha Da Fang has not yet made his second move, what if he first displays the "wonderful sounds of the heavens"? He urged Xuangong fiercely, raised his head to the sky and sent out a long roar. The Burmese sword in his hand naturally made a distant attack, "a thousand miles away", and put it on his body against the wind and lightning. With the help of the magic skill of "the wonderful sound of the sky", the wind of the sword was as sharp as a tangible thing. Of course, Gongsun yuanbo himself was aware of this, but he felt that the knife was smooth and handy, especially the "confidence" doubled, which contributed to the power of this blow. With a sharp shout, Sha Tian raised his body a few feet, crossed his crutches at this time, and "hissed" seven or eight times in a row. The true force of the tips of his crutches was audible and invisible, but anyone could feel its presence in the vibration of the air, which was made more real by the harsh sound of "crackling". In the blink of an eye, two strong and incoherent forces collided. First, "Peng" shook, and both sides shook. Sha Tian put out a turning point, and another turning point pointed to Gongsun yuanbo. The force he had just sent out was still there, and he turned on and fired new true force for support. The same is true of Gongsun yuanbo. His Burmese sword made a distant split. Although it did not really split out, the whistling sound gushed out with the wind of the sword. The two sides confronted each other for a moment, and the whistling sound in Gongsun yuan's mouth suddenly turned strong. With the sound, he flew into the air two times higher like a big bird. Then he turned around and rushed down. The light of the knife was like the Milky Way hanging upside down. He rushed down to the top of his head in the sand sky. He just took the initiative to attack, the only advantage is that he can take the initiative to change, or attack, or retreat. Now he takes the offensive, the man is like a bird, the knife is like a lightning,outdoor endless pool, and it has the power to destroy mountains and rocks. The ease and joy in his heart is beyond words. This move is completely carried out in accordance with nature. It coincides with the mystery of heaven and earth. His body and mind are affected at the same time. Therefore, what appears in the move is fierce, and what appears in the mood is comfortable and sweet. There is no need to adulterate manpower at all. monalisa.com