Immortals have immortals

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Lan Yuyao looked at Suyu with the corners of her mouth in her mouth. She raised her eyebrows a little and then turned to look at the sky.

Lan Yuyao looked at Suyu with the corners of her mouth in her mouth. She raised her eyebrows a little and then turned to look at the sky. She asked the woman, "Is the swaggering mountain you just said the place he was looking for for the spiritual practitioners?" The woman nodded, and Lan Yuyao frowned slightly and thought for a long time, "I've never heard of it." Said the son turned to look at Ye Sichen, Ye Sichen also shook his head, "I rarely come out to walk, do not know much about the real world." The woman chuckled twice, "The name of the mountain is ostentatious, but in fact it is not ostentatious.". Not to mention anything else, if you let those so-called righteous people know, don't you want to get rid of the demon when you are full? Although Ling Zu was not afraid of those people, he was annoyed to death by harassing them all day. This woman looks beautiful, but she speaks very straightforward, and she is very popular. Suyu brushed away the boredom in her heart and said with a smile, "That's too bad. We all know that. One day we'll make an appointment to get rid of the demon together." The woman laughed and said, "If no one leads you, you won't be able to find it." Then he stopped talking about this topic and said to Lan Yuyao, "Little sister, you have a good heart. If you follow Lingzu, you will surely become the most outstanding spiritual practitioner." Lan Yuyao in the heart still does not give up, listened to this to nod, hoped that oneself can also have with the blood red to meet one day. After listening for a long time,best green coffee bean extract, the purple mist touched Suyan. "Who is Lingzu?" Suyan's eyes fell on Suyu. He forgot to answer. He grabbed Ziwu's hand and said, "Look at that man, but.." But Purple mist shook off her hand, "but what?"? I can't move my eyes when I see my handsome brother! Then he looked back at Xuan Jia. "See?"? What's the use of being nice to her? Xuanjia blushed, did not speak, secretly took a glance at Suyan, purple fog mercilessly "hum", a foot on Xuanjia's foot,lutein eye complex, and then turned his head, I do not know what to be angry about. Suyan pulled the sleeve of the purple mist, "look at him." Is it the little brother we saw in Tiandaozong? Were you sitting with Elder Martial Sister? "I've only seen him once and I've been thinking about him for six years," said Purple Mist angrily. "What little brother? He would have been killed in Lianyun Mountain." But Lan Yuyao turned her head, "that's him." Purple fog's voice has not fallen, then is interrupted by the son blue Yu Yao, flat flat mouth, back to the fire plume side, no longer pay attention to other people. Suyan is very happy, "so he is also alive, it is really great." Suyu followed the sound. Suyan smiled shyly and said hello to him. Suyu nodded, and Suyan's face suddenly turned red. Lan Yuyao suddenly felt a little irritable. She turned to Ye Sichen and said, "I have to borrow your cloud and send the fire plume back to Huihuang Island first." Ye Sichen first looked at Suyu, who was still chuckling, but the corners of her mouth were stiff and her eyes narrowed slightly to hide the thoughts in her eyes. Don't you wait for Ling Zu to come back? It was the woman in red who spoke. "My name is Huan Mi, fenugreek saponins ,carnosic acid price, and I live on this island. If you don't mind, go to my place." Everyone's eyes turned to Lan Yuyao, and now she is the real leader. Lan Yuyao thought for a moment and readily agreed to let Xuan Jia carry the fire plume on his back and follow Huan Mi to the mountains on the island. On the way, Huan Mi came to Lan Yuyao's side, "your companion is very powerful." She was referring to Suyu. Lan Yuyao glanced behind her, and Suyu was talking to Suyan, looking very warm. Withdrawing her eyes, Lan Yuyao said in a muffled voice, "Yes, he is a master in the realm of cultivation." Huan Mi nodded. "It's much better than the one with feathers. Ling Zu didn't start yet. He was stunned by his breath." This is the fire plume again. Lan Yuyao flattened her mouth. Does this mean that Yang Yi is too strong or that Huo Ling is too weak? Maybe both. The people of Splendid Island don't have a high level of self-cultivation. They mainly rely on the spirit beast to attack. When the spirit beast sees the spirit ancestor, doesn't it stop? Without the spirit beast, the fire plume is naturally vulnerable. However Lan Yuyao also thought of the "white night" mentioned by Suyu, is it also a spirit beast? Why did it dare to challenge Yang Yi and get hurt? Huan Mi didn't know what Lan Yuyao was thinking. She said to herself, "Every time I see him come to the island to trap spirit animals with rice dumplings, I want to teach him a lesson. Today Ling Zu has relieved me.". " Lan Yuyao was a little surprised. Was she still an old acquaintance with Huo Ling? Has he ever offended you? "It wasn't me, it was a friend of mine who was almost arrested by him a few years ago." Lan Yuyao's footsteps paused, Huan Mi looked at her without knowing why, and suddenly smiled, "Little sister is afraid that I will take the opportunity to revenge?"? Don't worry, you have a deep affinity with Lingzu, and I won't touch you. Lan Yuyao breathed a sigh of relief, but her heart was not completely put down. She slowed down her pace and waited for Xuan Jia, who was carrying the fire plume on her back, to follow her. Huan Mi covered his mouth and laughed, Lan Yuyao was seen through his mind, his face turned red, hurriedly turned his head and pretended to talk to the people around him. As soon as she turned her head, a faint lotus fragrance jumped into the tip of her nose, which calmed her mind a little, and she raised her eyes to Ye Sichen's eyes. What happened to you Ye Sichen swore that he had not given instructions to his brain to ask this sentence. Don't worry Lan Yuyao hung her head in front of her chest, not daring to look back at Huan Mi's clear expression, which made her feel very insecure. It's all right. Your face is so red. This sentence Ye Sichen but controlled, only thought in the brain, and did not jump out of the mouth. Then a clear voice came from behind, with some exclamations, "Ah!"! I finally think of you. The two of them looked back, but it was Suyu who was talking. Suyan stood beside him, nodding his head with a red face, and his eyes smiled into two crescent buds. The blush on Lan Yuyao's face immediately faded, and she pursed the corners of her mouth and turned around. Really saw the ghost, before chatting so warm, originally did not know who Suyan is, now just remember. Ye Sichen looked at her, then turned to look at Suyu, and was looking into Suyu's eyes. But Suyu hurriedly turned her head to look at Suyan, as if she were listening attentively. Ye Sichen tried to control his eyebrows not to knot, in order to maintain his perfect elegant image, he is very. Confused. In his mind, Suyu should take advantage of the present to make things clear,phycocyanin spirulina, whether to aggravate the resentment or untie the knot will be decided by Lan Yuyao himself, if he does so, will never be bored to talk with an insignificant person about what old.