He knows which way the wind is blowing.

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Peng Ye wanted to bring He Zheng to introduce him at the beginning,industrial racking systems, but now it looks like he didn't take Cheng Jia seriously. Without waiting for Peng Ye, Cheng Jia opened his mouth: "My name is Cheng Jia, a photographer." 。

After a while, Peng Ye and sixteen went to the opposite shop to buy cigarettes. Cheng Jia sat here, watching Peng Ye's tall figure melt in the hot sun. The sunlight was white and dazzling, and his shadow was illusory in the light, far away. The air is a little hot and dry. It snowed heavily yesterday, and today is early summer. He went across the road, with his pocket in his pocket and his head down, looking at the smoke. There are still people coming and going on the road, some people carrying vegetable burdens, some people driving sheep carts, and. Two familiar people, Ann and Xiao Ling, appeared in Cheng Jia's line of sight. Two people stroll into this shop, at first did not recognize Cheng Jia, still picking clothes. When she got closer, Ann discovered, "Cheng Jia? … …" You look so beautiful, like a Tibetan girl. Cheng Jia asked the proprietress, "Have you made it up?" "All right, all right." Cheng Jia got up and left. Xiao Ling said in a low voice, "Ann, forget it. The people I saw during the journey may never see again in my life when I go back." Ann was still angry with her and ignored her. Xiao Ling asked the landlady, "Did she have any clothes just now?" "No, all the clothes here are made by themselves, only one." Xiao Ling chose another one to go to the fitting room. I'll clean it up. The landlady followed, took out a white down jacket from inside, and threw it into the pile of rags in the corner. As soon as Xiao Ling saw the trademark of herm hermès, she stopped: "This is.." "The girl in front doesn't want it," said the landlady. "Throw it here and see if the cloth can be used later." Xiao Ling says: "I come here to play, the dress is taken little,asrs warehouse, otherwise you sell me." Ann listened, looked back, instantly understood what was going on, and turned her head in silence. "What for?" Asked the landlady? I can't wear this dress either. You can take it away if you want. Xiao Ling was very happy: "Thank you." When Peng Ye and others returned to the inn, the stone borrowed the boss's kitchen and prepared to cook. Cheng Jia had nothing to do and sat on the straw to help count the animal fur unloaded from the car. She saw several lambs, looking at her with two-dimensional, flat, bleeding eyes. She touched its head and shoved it back. On the way to cooking, Peng Ye received a phone call and called out: "Fourth Brother." Stone sixteen Nima all looked at the past, Cheng Jia sat beside the stove to twist the straw handle, looked at them. The other party did not know what to say, Peng Ye held the phone, smiled and went to the window: "I just came from Fengnan Town." “…… It's not about not seeing you. It's been two years since we last met. Not afraid to disturb. There was an emergency that night, and I was in a hurry. Yes, 571 sheepskins, and there are others. Cheng Jia recognized that the fourth brother was Peng Ye's former comrade-in-arms. Now Peng Ye Leng Leng, shuttle rack system ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, looking back at the crowd, "." You come His hearty male voice on the phone became clearer and clearer, and he came out of the receiver: "You are a busy man, and you don't even look for a brother to have a meal, so I have to drive after you.". Ha-ha The voice of the fourth brother walked outside the window, and the man was already outside the door? A group of people went to the hall. When they got to the gate, they bumped into a tall and burly man named Zhou Zheng. When they saw Peng Ye, their eyes were full of smiles: "Seven!" "Fourth Brother!" The two men gave each other a hug. Subsequently, "Stone!" "He Zheng!" The two men touched fists. He Zheng punched Peng Ye again: "You boy!"! It passed without notice. He looked at the people behind Peng Ye and said, "These are the only people in the team. No wonder we have to rush back." Peng Ye introduced to him: "I mentioned this to you, Shiliu Lang." "Hello, fourth brother!" Shouted 16 loudly. He Zheng: "The young fellow is good, has the spirit." Peng Ye: "Sang Yang Nima, child." Nima blushed a little: "Brother, I am not young." He Zheng smiled, patted him on the shoulder: "The body bone is good, looks is able to bear hardships." Nima immediately nodded like a chicken pecking rice: "Yes, yes." Peng Ye looked around and found that Cheng Jia had not followed him. Then she looked at the kitchen. She sat on the other side of the stove and twisted the straw handle. In the setting sun, she was dressed in a blue Tibetan costume, her long hair was braided, and the amber and coral beads on her head were shining in the dim light. Because he lowered his head, he could not see his usual calm and indifferent eyes. At first glance, he was very docile. Peng Ye pulled He Zheng over there: "It's just in time. I just cooked." He Zheng stopped and laughed: "This time, someone hitchhiked with me and came to see you." He Zheng went to the door and called out, "Ah Huai." Peng Ye was a little surprised. He should have gone over to have a look, but he took a devilish look in the direction of the kitchen. There was no one in front of the stove, leaving only orange sunshine and bluish white smoke. Brother Ye. A gentle female voice came. When Peng Ye looked back, Ah Huai stood on the threshold and smiled at him. "You're here, too," said Peng Ye. Huai said softly, "Why don't you want to see me?" Peng Ye smiled. "What did you say?" Several people walked to the kitchen. He Zheng suddenly remembered something and said, "Yes, there are dozens of catties of dried meat and fish in the car.". Stone, you go and carry it down. He threw the car keys to him, "Ah Huai bought it. I was so excited that I forgot to bring you something. It's still a woman who is considerate." Peng Ye looked at Ah Huai and said, "How much is it? I'll give it to the stone." "It's all the money you gave me that day." Huai said softly, "Why are you so polite to me?" Sixteen behind him approached, Peng Ye did not continue to say anything. After entering the kitchen, Cheng Jia sat on the straw pile and played with the lighter. Peng Ye frowned slightly. "Are you trying to light yourself up?" Cheng Jia looked at him without any expression, looked at He Zheng, and then looked at Ah Huai; Ah Huai was also looking at her, eyes met, Ah Huai smiled at her, pear vortex shallow, there is a kind of small Jasper gentle. He Zheng asked, "It's not Tibetan, is it?" Peng Ye said, No. Changed his clothes. "It doesn't look like it," he Zheng said with a smile. "Why don't you introduce it?" Peng Ye wanted to bring He Zheng to introduce him at the beginning,industrial racking systems, but now it looks like he didn't take Cheng Jia seriously. Without waiting for Peng Ye, Cheng Jia opened his mouth: "My name is Cheng Jia, a photographer." 。 jracking.com