One half of the evil emperor

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Peng Ye wanted to bring He Zheng to introduce him at the beginning,industrial racking systems, but now it looks like he didn't take Cheng Jia seriously. Without waiting for Peng Ye, Cheng Jia opened his mouth: "My name is Cheng Jia, a photographer." 。

Harp and Zheng are very suitable for long and continuous music, but if this song of sacrifice does not play the sad and sad charm of sacrifice. Will never be able to move people. It is said that after the song appeared at that time, many young girls were touched by the pure singing voice dubbed by Biqi Soul. It's just that Gu Xichao can't add charm to his singing, but he can be affectionate in the piano. Soon, the two members of the ensemble stood high and low, Gu Xichao half squinting purple eyes, with sadness, recalling the time when he knew he could never come back, indulging in the tune, his tune was lower than the original tone. But more depressed and sad. Gu Xichao Diqin was originally an artifact with blood to recognize the Lord, and with additional attributes, he trembled with his sadness at the moment. At the same time, it aroused the resonance of the harp, and even shook the performance of Fu Ruoya, who followed Gu Xichao's tune to accompany in the absence of a player. At this moment, the outcome has been decided. At the end of the song, tears fall. Is this weeping and sorrow? Standing in the corner of the arena, the waning night quietly listened to the song played by Gu Xichao, stroked the drops of water on his face with his right hand,warehouse storage racks, and stared blankly at his hand. But the glass behind him clenched his fists and wanted to run down immediately to comfort Gu Xichao. He's still here. He's still alive, so don't mourn. Because when Gu Xichao was sad, he felt that he would lose him at any time. In the first game, there is no doubt that Gu Xichao won! The host was obviously supportive of Gu Xichao, and his voice was very excited and passionate. "Is this the beginning of Gu Xichao winning all the honors?"? We'll see! The next game begins immediately, chess! Fu Ruoya stared at the artifact harp that did not listen to her command. I can't believe that the artifact is really spiritual, but I'm not reconciled to my defeat. However, the gap is too obvious. Biting her lower lip,heavy duty metal racks, she took the lead in sitting on the white crystal chess piece of the Go chessboard, and Gu Xichao sat on the amethyst chess piece. Their way of playing is to divide first, which is the most commonly used way in the game. It is not the conventional white first, but the person sitting on the white side grabs a chess piece in the palm of his hand. Let the opponent judge the odd and even number of a piece in the palm of his hand with one or two purple pieces in his hand. If it's right, go first. If it's wrong, go later. Those who descend first should give way to those who descend later. That is to say, if you go to the ground first with half an eye more than the person who goes down later, then you have to return the other half an eye, so the result will be a draw. At this time, Fu Ruoya had grabbed a handful of crystal chess pieces in the palm of her hand, while Gu Xichao picked up an amethyst chess piece from the chess basket and put it on the chessboard. She watched Fu Ruoya put down the chess pieces in the palm of her hand, spread out her hands to show that she had no private possession, and then fiddled with the chess pieces according to a group of two, cantilever racking system ,heavy duty cantilever racks, knowing that there were two left. Even, Gu Xichao guessed wrong, Fu Ruoya first. With a smirk, Froya pinched a crystal chess piece with her right index finger, middle finger and thumb and pressed it on the black spot in the center of the chessboard. That position is called Tianyuan, generally the first son will not fall there, only beginners will do so. Gu Xichao slightly raised his eyebrows, looked at Fu Ruoya's extremely non-standard way of holding chess pieces, and did not underestimate the enemy, right middle finger in the upper index finger in the lower clip of an amethyst chess piece pressed on the star beside Fu Ruoya. Weiqi chessboard is a Gobang chessboard, with a total of nine thick black dots, the central earth and sky yuan, and three earth stars on one side, which are generally the main positions for the "eye". Judging from the way the two people took the chess pieces, Gu Xichao obviously knew how to do it. Fu Ruoya was a novice, but if that was true, how could she persist in choosing to play Go instead of the chess that Gu Xichao was not good at? Li touched his chin and thought. The seventy-eighth chapter is the conspiracy of Yang Mou. Brahma, the state of Nanbu. (7wwwCOM) In the dark sky covered by dark clouds, on the official road leading to the wharf, there was a broad but not luxurious heavy carriage driving rapidly. The hooves of four horses were wrapped in thick cloth. There was no sound on the official road, nor did it disturb any forces. Just go quietly. In the carriage, on a simple bed made of coarse cotton cloth, lay quietly an elf girl in white, extremely ugly, covered with tattoo-like black lines, pale complexion, gentle breathing, and slightly beating eyelids. Next to the girl sat a big man with a dog's head, carrying a mace, yawning and complaining to the thin man driving the car. You said that the forest of the crowned elves wouldn't let us catch anything else. You had to catch an ugly elf, and you had to sneak to the island where the gods were left behind. You didn't know what you were going to do. "Gouzi, if you don't say a few words, you will die. What you do under the crown is not something we can guess. Haven't you left a mark for the guardian knight under the crown? Are you still afraid that you can't see the elves?" The thin man who drove the car scolded the kobold who called the dog softly, and after hearing the other side's grievance, he comforted him by saying, "OK, don't think I don't know what you're paying attention to, this time I didn't let you taste the elves, but kidnapping this elf can make those elves stop us regardless of their lives, which proves that her value is very high." We will get a big reward if we succeed this time. Mobile Station: When the sleepy dog heard the big reward, he got excited again and kept rubbing his hands. "Big reward?"? Very, very big? "Well, it's big, big." The thin man smiled unconcerned at the kobold's excitement and waved his whip. Is it enough to eat a whole roast beef? Shit,warehousing storage solutions, can't you have a little pursuit? I only know how to eat! The dog and the thin man who spent their lives laughing and scolding would not understand that the more they knew about many things, the more rewards they could get. The whole roast cow of the dog would probably go underground to eat. This. Maybe it's the sadness of the little people. The underground water of Mingshen Temple is strong. The lovely version of light dust wriggled uneasily. Let the cool version of light dust hold it more comfortably. Still sleeping sweetly. From time to time, he also chattered. It was obviously a dream of eating delicious food. Light dust laughed for a while. Look up at the cloudy sky. I know it's almost time. Just shake up the lovely light dust. Stand up. Get ready. We should go. 。