Jianghu Fengshen Gang

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When the second prince heard what she said,aluminum tile trim, he said, "The past has passed. Can't you put it down?"? As long as you are willing to change your story, I will make it up to you! 。

The boy hesitated and asked, "But where are we safe to go?" Silver City Wolf Scanning and Proofreading Chapter 12 Jianghuai Six Evil Spirits In the town, a little away from the center of the street, in a dark side street, there is a very old inn. The inn did not even have a signboard, only a white red lantern at the door, with the word "lodge" written on it, which was almost invisible. Xiao Gui chose such a place to rest in order to avoid the eyes and ears of the enemy. On the way, Xiao Gui, the three of them, and the three of the young patrolmen had already introduced themselves to each other. Only then did the three of them know that the young man's name was Chen Yuhu, a native of Guangzhou. Sixteen years old this year, only more than two months older than Xiao Gui, because he got the first place in the state examination last year, he was directly presented to the court by the Guangzhou state government. The court was surprised to be a genius, and summoned him to the palace for an interview. In the throne room, Chen Yuhu faced the examination of the three dukes and nine ministers in turn. He was calm and calm, and answered fluently. When the court ordered the emperor to be so happy that he could not close his mouth, he immediately issued a decree to exempt him from the examination. He was given the imperial title of Number One Scholar, and was appointed as the inspector of the eight prefectures to investigate the people's feelings, so as to increase his experience and prepare to be entrusted with an important task in the future. After Chen Yuhu took office, he went on an inspection tour in disguise. He solved more than 30 unsolved cases,stainless steel edging strip, big and small, and collected all the evidence. He exposed the serious cases of corrupt officials colluding with profiteers and imposing harsh taxes on grain, and submitted them. After finding out the truth, he recovered a lot of silver for the national treasury, which made the emperor's old son Longyan happy. He specially ordered him to serve as an imperial commissioner in the capacity of a governor of the eight prefectures, to act as a governor of heaven, and to. Although his official prestige as an imperial commissioner was not small, since he was a colleague of the government,aluminium edge trim, he naturally offended many people, and the risks he had to take were relatively increased. Therefore, for the sake of his safety, the emperor specially transferred Lin Wei and Zhou Quan, the commanders of the imperial guards, to be his escorts and accompany him. For more than half a year, Chen Yuhu did handle a lot of cases that greatly pleased the people, but it also provoked those colleagues who wanted to make profits from officials, and everyone could not sleep or eat well, so they discussed the deadly trick of hiring such Jianghu killers as Ba Tong to seek their lives. In the room- Chen Yuhu explained the reason why Ba Tongjiao wanted to take his own life. Lin Wei and Zhou Quan, who were injured, had already rested in the next room after dressing them on the way. Gui raised her eyebrows and asked, "So you probably already know who wants you dead?" Chen Yuhu nodded his head and said, "I have already grasped several clues. As long as I collect solid evidence, I can detain these murderers who attempt to harm me and the two commanders." Little Qiandao, "What's the use of detention?"? I advise you to try to kill the people who want to kill you. Otherwise, stainless steel tile trim ,metal trim manufacturers, as long as these paying grandfathers are still alive, Ba Tongjiao will not give up the pursuit of you. You're in a lot of trouble! Although your two fourth-grade leaders with knife guards are pretty good at kung fu, if you play against the master Batong killer, I'm afraid you'll repeat the situation tonight. Where will you find someone to save your life? Chen Yuhu frowned slightly and asked, "If the people who hired the Batong Sect have been captured, why don't the bandits of the Batong Sect give up their pursuit? Aren't they afraid that the government will send troops to encircle and suppress them?" Xiao Qian laughed. "Who do you want to encircle and suppress?"? Where to encircle and suppress? The Batong God Sect is famous for its unpredictable gods and ghosts in Jianghu. Even the people on Jianghu Road can't figure out where their halls are and how their organizations are. Do you think the government men can find them? Chen Yuhu hesitated and said, "If you extort a confession from the person they used, it's impossible that there won't be a clue!" Small thousand giggle: "I guarantee you can't ask, those clients are captured, at most can only give up how to meet with Ba Tong.". Even if you know how to connect with them, it is a problem that Ba Tong teaches not to show up now, even if they show up! The person who appeared to contact was only a member of the periphery of the Ba Tong religion, and knew nothing about the situation of the Ba Tong religion, so if these people were caught, they would not be able to leak any information. Had it not been for the strict precautions at all levels, the Ba Tong Sect would have been destroyed by the relatives and friends of those who were assassinated by them. How could they be allowed to do more and more business? Why do they claim to be the most mysterious organization in Jianghu? Chen Yuhu asked suspiciously, "Is the Ba Tong Sect really so weird?" Xiao Gui laughed and said, "If you believe what the cheater said about Jianghu, you will be right."! After all, the world of Jianghu Wulin is very different from that of the emperor Lao Tzu. It is not a world that you can understand in terms of laws and conventions. Don't say you're hard to understand. Elder Martial Brother and I have been in Jianghu for a while with the cheater, but we're still confused! Chen Yuhu sighed, "I did hear that the martial arts world has its own set of laws and ways of survival, but I didn't expect it to be so complicated and tricky." After a slight pause, he asked, "Why won't the Ba Tong Sect stop hunting if the people who hired it don't die?" Xiao Qian said with a smile, "This is a matter of goodwill. Ba Tongjiao accepts the commission to kill people, and all of them will be charged in advance, and there will be no discount.". It is because their charges are at least 1 000 taels and there is no limit on the amount of charges. The standard is not too high. On the other hand, of course, they have to provide their customers with a high standard of service. This service is to start the action within twelve hours after charging, and never terminate the task until the client dies. KETU laughed. "In this way, if you are chased by Ba Tongjiao, the most direct solution is to kill the opponent who may be the client first!" "Theoretically, yes," said Xiao Qian. However, Ba Tongjiao, of course, could not reveal who was entrusted to kill, so if the person who was being hunted escaped by luck and wanted to kill the enemy first to solve the crisis, he had to guess who was the client. Gui giggled and said, "The more enemies you have, the more pitiful you are!"! On the one hand, you have to be on guard against being hunted, and on the other hand, you have to go after others. It's really hard. "And it's easy to make a mess of the world," said the guest with a wise smile. On a whim, Xiao Gui said, "Is there anyone who, when being chased by Ba Tongjiao,stainless steel edge trim, turns around and spends money to ask Ba Tongjiao to go after the enemy of the client?"? Then, fight again to see who will be killed by Ba Tongjiao first? Master Xun. You can try this trick! "That makes sense." Xiao Qian grinned and said, "This method can be tried. Maybe it can really save your life." 。 jecatrims.com