Complete Rahu Ketu Story: Their Impact on Our Life

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Hindu mythology is the basis for the Story of Rahu and Ketu, which is mainly told in writings such as the Puranas.

What is the Story of Rahu and Ketu? 

Hindu mythology is the basis for the Story of Rahu and Ketu, which is mainly told in writings such as the Puranas. It describes how it came to be and the celestial creatures that are connected to it. This is the story:

The Ocean's Churning (Samudra Manthan)

There was once a search for the Amrita, a potion of immortality, by the gods (Devas) and demons (Asuras). In order to get it, they made the decision to work together in churning Samudra Manthan, the ocean of milk. The churning rope was the serpent Vasuki, and the churning rod was the great mountain Mandara.

The Appearance of Amrita

The powerful Amrita and other divine objects and beings came out from the ocean after a long and difficult churning process. To try to keep the Asuras from becoming immortal, the god Vishnu hid himself as the attractive Mohini, a female form, was present when the nectar was given away.

Rahu's Deceit

Keeping the Amrita out of the Asuras' reach, Mohini started giving it to the Devas. But one clever Asura by the name of Swarbhanu posed as a Deva and sat among them to accept the nectar. The Sun God (Surya) and the Moon God (Chandra) discovered Svarbhanu's lies as he was drinking a drop of Amrita, and they informed Mohini (Vishnu).

Ketu and Rahu

As soon as Vishnu realised the trick, he cut down Swarbhanu with his Sudarshana ChakraBut his head and body became immortal, because he had already drunk a drop of Amrita. Rahu, the head, and Ketu, the body, broke into two separate celestial beings.

Supreme Enemies

Rahu and Ketu were jealous of the Sun and Moon for revealing them. Hence, they periodically swallow the Sun or the Moon in hopes for revenge, which results in solar and lunar eclipses. But the Sun and Moon reappear and escape their grasp because they are only a head and a body.

The Celestial Significance

Rahu and Ketu are considered as shadow planets or lunar nodes in Hindu astrology. They have a big impact on life in many ways and are important in horoscopes. Whereas Ketu is connected to spirituality, detachment, and spiritual awakening, Rahu can be linked to a passion, materialism, and confusion.