Return to the Ming Dynasty as a prince

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For everyone, perhaps it is impossible to accept the description of Guo Jing's fighting to death on the day of the destruction of Xiangyang City, leaving it as a blank forever.

Comments: This is simply the best situation since the war against the Qing Dynasty, can be said to be a golden opportunity to recover the mountains and rivers. At that time, the Qing Dynasty had millions of troops. But two-thirds of the Han army, the majority of the Han army are still in a wait-and-see state, not really effective. Li Dingguo defeated Kong Youde and Nikan Wailan successively and shot the two kings, which can be said to be a devastating blow to the Manchu forces in the southwest. It also made the morale of the Manchu and Han armies float. The governor of Huguang once reported to the Manchu court that the Han army did not dare to fight with Li Dingguo and asked the court to send the main force of the Eight Banners as soon as possible. If the main force of the Qing army wanted to reinforce, it would not be possible in a few months. Moreover, Zheng Chenggong was also in Fujian at this time to contain the Qing army. Although there is a natural barrier in Sichuan, it is much more convenient to enter Sichuan from Guizhou than from the Central Plains. Ruozhan in Hanzhong, Sichuan. That into can take eight hundred miles QinChuan, retreat can also rely on the natural barrier to protect themselves. If this strategy is successful, the Ming Dynasty can be said to have more than enough to advance and retreat. There is great hope for the recovery of mountains and rivers. Compared with many fatuous emperors in the Ming Dynasty, Emperor Yongli was relatively enlightened. The acceptance of Li Dingguo's Great Western Army showed its boldness. But he inherited the suspicion of his ancestors, did not dare to entrust an important task, but also a new eunuch, so that the use of Sun expected this scum. It is really a repetition of the mistakes of the fatuous monarch of the Ming Dynasty. There was no shortage of generals in the Ming Dynasty, but it was a pity that the emperor was incompetent and employed people improperly. Let this last chance be lost in vain. After that, Li Dingguo retreated to Burma in defeat and died in a foreign land. Emperor Yongli was captured alive by Wu Sangui and strangled with a bowstring. The Ming Dynasty also died in this way. From this point of view, it is not the Qing Dynasty that destroyed the Ming Dynasty, but our own ruin. [db:wangzhi] Martial arts sacrifice The novel Txt, the hall of heaven, "The great chivalrous man is for the country and the people." This simple sentence sums up the highest standard of swordsmen in Jin Yong's novels. In fact, it is also a standard that most swordsmen acquiesce in. In the martial arts world, regardless of black and white,aluminum tile edge trim, murder and arson are common things, and robbery is a means of making a living. But if they collude with foreigners to betray their country, they will certainly be unanimously rejected. Before Jin Yong, there were also people who carried out this principle more strictly, that is, Liang Yusheng. Most of the protagonists in his works, both men and women, were full of revolutionary optimism and insisted on armed struggle against the activities of the court. All personal feelings in the revolutionary cause could be temporarily ignored. From the beginning of Seven Swords to Tianshan Mountain,china tile trim, every generation of protagonists must come out to oppose the Qing Dynasty. However, there was only one method used, that is, Xinjiang (which later became Sichuan) to draw the minority nationalities into rebellion. In this way, more than a dozen books have been reversed before and after, and it is really unbearable to see one more model of the struggle that is doomed to be unsuccessful forever. In fact, his works, which are considered to be excellent, are stories such as Yunhai Yugong yuan, which are not very anti-court. Even in Jin Yong's own novels, there are not many people who really implement this principle, because martial arts novels focus more on rivers and lakes. And the person who embodies this sentence in the protagonist is also Guo Jing who said this sentence to Yang Guo outside Xiangyang. Before Guo Jing, Chen Jialuo in Shujian and yuan Chengzhi in Bixuejian did not act according to this standard, but these two early works of Jin Yong were limited to lack of skill, most of the plots were not very attractive, and the two protagonists were also tasteless. Fortunately, Jin Yong immediately appeared in the shooting and carving, stainless tile trim ,stainless steel tile trim, unified the martial arts world, taking the strengths of both and giving up the weaknesses of both. The character was finally finalized as Guo Jing. Yang Guo asked, "Uncle Guo, do you think Xiangyang can be defended?" Guo Jing hesitated for a long time, pointing to the lush hills and trees in the west, and said, "The greatest person in Xiangyang through the ages is naturally Zhuge Liang.". Longzhong, twenty miles to the west, was the place where he used to live in seclusion. Zhuge Liang's ability to govern the country and the people is beyond our understanding. He once said that he only knew how to "do his best until he dies." As for the final success or failure, he could not see through it. I talked with your Aunt Guo about whether Xiangyang could be defended or not, and when I talked about it later, it was always just the eight words "I will do my best until I die." Guo Jing can be called this sentence, also can be called the name of the hero, the young Guo Jing in the shooting eagle, character shaping is very simple, adhere to the moral norms are also very basic traditional virtues, trustworthiness, righteousness, gratitude. His martial arts moves are simple. He learned the Eighteen Palms of Subduing the Dragon as soon as he came up, and then added the assistance of the Nine Yin Sutra at most. Finally, he could compete with his predecessors in Huashan on Sword for the second time. His mind is not good. He can't figure out a lot of things, but occasionally he can tell the truth that even the old urchin can't figure out all his life. Huang Rong gives advice on small things, but Huang Rong always does it according to Guo Jing's idea. He is not a fool, just simply feel right to do things, will not say too much reason, will not pretend, but everyone who knows him will naturally feel that his temperament comes from natural expression, even if he is regarded as the enemy of his father Yang Guo, before killing him, also have to admit that he has always admired him in his heart. The growth of Guo Jing from a teenager to a young man is only a part of it, while Guo Jing in Shendiao has completed the completion and sublimation of the whole character. He is already a great master in martial arts. He broke into the Quanzhen Sect alone and broke through the Tiangang Beidou Array, which made more than a hundred Taoist priests in a mess. On the wall of Xiangyang, he performed his skills on the ladder, which made the army on and off the city silent. In character, he still adheres to the moral principles, and in Jianghu, he is the best swordsman in the world, not only because of his martial arts, but also because of his painstaking efforts to defend Xiangyang for more than ten years. Finally, he died in the city with Huang Rong. History of Xiangyang guarding city only more tragic than in the novel, in the Mongolian army has swept all over the world, the emperor of the southern song Dynasty ministers still believe that the north soldiers have retreated in their sleep, to Xiangyang city sent a letter for help to ignore, in no reinforcements, there is no way out of the case of five years, will keep the Mongolian fighters back again and again, in each other for the horns of fancheng Xiangyang lost the last hope, ShouJiang Lv Wenhuan daily tour of the city, must look at the direction of the southern imperial city after a cry, finally chose to surrender, Xiangyang fell, the southern song Dynasty also perished. Jin Yong did not write this paragraph,tile profile factory, and the story of Guo Jing's martyrdom in the city was only mentioned in a simple stroke in the sky. For everyone, perhaps it is impossible to accept the description of Guo Jing's fighting to death on the day of the destruction of Xiangyang City, leaving it as a blank forever.