80 Gourmet System--Fengzhi 1116

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I understand your intention,whirlpool bathtub, but I'm not short of people here at the moment. What should I do?" Huicheng and Gu Wei, who were still fighting, stopped at the same time.

Lin Wu couldn't help rubbing his itchy ears. He came to his senses and tried to suppress the shyness in his heart. He said, "This is, this is the reward of the system. You, you eat it. I've already eaten it." With these words, he stuffed his things into Gu Jiu's hand and fled back to his room, pulling the light and sleeping. Seeing the reaction of his sweetheart, Gu Jiu could not help but smile again, and it was not in vain that he deliberately opened the door like this. After thinking like this, he took the pill, and then the white porcelain bottle disappeared out of thin air. Should be the system recycling, but this is also good, save others to see only trouble, Gu Jiu thought. However Gu Jiu put on his clothes and knocked on Lin Wu's door. "Xiaowu, go to bed first. I'm going to buy breakfast." Lin Xiaowu in the house:.. It's daytime now. ... In the morning ... I just got up ... Lin Xiaowu, Lin Xiaowu was too ashamed to answer Gu Jiu's words. He walked carefully to the door and heard the sound of going downstairs outside. Then he opened the door like a wandering soul and went to wash. Open the bathroom door, have not gone in, then see Gu Jiu come up again. Xiaowu got up. I thought you were going to sleep for a while. I came up to get the money. Gu Jiu smiled. Lin Wu: Don't listen, don't listen. Bastard chanting sutras. Enter the door, close the door, and do it at one go. Gu Jiu took the money out, saw the closed bathroom, forced to suppress laughter, went downstairs. It's fun to tease children, but it's not good to make them angry. When Gu Jiu came back from buying breakfast, Lin Wu was already able to make nougat with a calm face. Gu Jiu said, set the breakfast, waiting for Lin Wu to eat. After a while, the forest fog came out. Gu Jiu hurriedly helped him clip a soup dumpling in the past, ingratiating way: "This is soup dumpling, you like pork mushroom stuffing." Lin Wu's ears were slightly red, and he began to eat soup dumplings in a disguised way. Hiss ~ "Eat too fast, soup dumplings fragrant soup overflow,outdoor hot tub, hot to the tongue of the forest fog." Here, stick your tongue out. Gu Jiu hurriedly said to Lin Wu. Lin Wu stretched out his little tongue, the corners of his eyes were red, and his eyes sparkled with tears. Gu Jiu said, is distressed and self-reproach, hurriedly help Lin fog blow up the tongue. The breath of an adult man filled the air around the forest fog with Gu Jiu's blowing, and the pain on his tongue slowly dissipated, followed by a kind of dryness in his heart. Hot 。 As he blew, he saw the pain in Lin Wu's eyes disappear, but Gu did not stop for a long time, or he did not want to stop. He couldn't help approaching the brightly colored uvula, getting closer and closer, and just as he was about to touch it, the mist leaned back slightly. He faltered and said in a small voice, "I'm, I'm full. Go and cut the sugar." With these words, Chinese spa manufacturer ,endless swim pool, he ran into the kitchen. The fist clenched and relaxed, relaxed and clenched, repeatedly, Gu Jiu finally made up his mind, he also went into the kitchen. Xiaowu. Gu Jiu shouted softly. Lin Wu's hand, which was cutting the nougat, could not help shaking. Although he did not cut his hand, he was still confused. He answered in a low voice, "Why, what's wrong?" ... Brother Jiu ... What do you want to say to yourself? ... ... Is that what you think? ... To tell you the truth, after the scene this morning and the blowing just now, Lin Wu thought of the warmth that appeared and disappeared when they got along with each other before. Ignorance Already a little want to understand what Gu Jiu wants to say, said is a little, in fact, it is just short of Gu Jiu parent-child confirmation. But if Gu Jiu really said that to you, have you decided how to answer? Are you really ready to live with Gu Jiu for a lifetime? Can you really turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to other people's eyes and words? "Lin Wu, I like you." Now that he has made up his mind, Gu Jiu will not delay any longer. "Would you like to live with me for a lifetime?" "I will always be good to you." "I will always take care of you and raise you. I will help you whatever you want. I will buy you whatever you want. If you can't afford it, I will work hard to make money." I will work hard to make money for you to live a good life. I'll give you all the money for safekeeping. I don't want it. I just want you. "I love you, Lin Wu." Lin Wu kept his head down until he heard the last sentence. Pink lips have been bitten white, big cat pupil also has tears flashing, Lin Wu whispered: "I, I also like you, but it seems that you do not like me so much." What answers, what preparations, what eyes, words, hesitation, uncertainty, were shattered in Gu Jiu's words, and then quickly disappeared. Together is a matter of two people, only with the feelings of two people, what is the matter of others? Since they like each other, there is nothing to hesitate about being together. Gu Jiu hugged Lin Wu in surprise, looked at his little white mouth, and kissed him. Want to be gentle, but can not help plundering, the end of a kiss, Lin Wu is already panting, what shy are gone, for the beginning. Kiss Lin Wu is a supercilious look. Gu Jiu was also a little embarrassed: "I wanted to be gentle, but I didn't hold back." Not to mention the last words that Lin Wu had just said. Originally, Lin Wu was not enlightened at all before, but now he is enlightened. How can he like him so much all of a sudden? Feelings can be cultivated. It's not urgent. Think so, but this year 22 years old. Vigorous. Young man. Gu Jiu: Still a little want to eat meat. After all, just fiercely kiss. I kissed him It's a little bit on the head. Noticing that Gu Jiu's eyes were a little wrong, Lin Wu hurriedly ordered Gu Jiu to cut the glutinous rice paper. Gu Jiu went obediently. See Gu Jiu honest and obedient, Lin Wu also put down the heart, continue to cut nougat. It's all in the kitchen. Just make the nougat and then go to breakfast. It won't take long anyway. Yes, now that two people have been together, of course, the stomach that has just not been filled can not be wronged. Making sugar,Whirlpool bathtub, Lin Wu and Gu Jiu talked about the system task and the competition, and then asked Gu Jiu if he knew where to sign up. I pay attention to this. This competition is held by the government, so it is in the town administration. Sign up at the mansion I'll accompany you to sign up later. Gu Jiu answered Lin Wu's question while wrapping the nougat. monalisa.com